“Spring Festival in Green Expo Garden” Series of research courses: Spring begins again

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Lanterns decorated 15, jubilant celebration of the festival.Happy and noodles, hehe Meimei eat dumplings.The 15th day of the first lunar month is the night of the first full moon in a year, so the 15th day is called the Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, small first month, yuan Evening or Lantern Festival.According to Taoist “sanyuan”, the 15th day of the first lunar month is also called “Shangyuan Festival”.Since ancient times, the custom of Lantern Festival has been based on the custom of watching lanterns.Today our children celebrate this happy festival together in the Green Expo garden.During the self-introduction session, everyone spoke bravely and made many new friends.Although the weather is cold, but in the laughter of the children exercise themselves, brave to show their expertise in front of everyone.Guessing riddles wonderful and interesting, the two teams to guess riddles integral duel, we are in high spirits, feel the cultural heritage of the traditional festival, in the game kept using their brains.Let the joyful atmosphere of celebrating yuanxiao overflow in the Green Expo Garden.On this day, people will light up thousands of colorful lanterns and go out to enjoy the full moon.After learning the different features and functions of traditional lanterns, our children also started to make their own lamps.The most important custom of Lantern Festival is eating yuanxiao, which is also called “tangyuan” or “floating yuanzi”.After the teacher’s teaching, everyone realized the charm of this traditional food.Hands to make the round dumplings, not only exercise the ability and experience the joy of labor.Today’s Lantern Festival course was lively and festive. After a whole afternoon of research course, students experienced rich historical and cultural deposits.Green Expo Garden wishes every friend a happy, healthy and happy family!Source: Green Expo Garden