The Volvo XC40 is worth saving

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With the continuous rise of consumer taste, diversified automobile consumer demands also appear, such as speed, safety, appearance and performance.As an automobile manufacturer, if it can not be accurately positioned, it can only be eliminated in the fierce market competition.On the contrary, if the accurate grasp of consumer psychology, and accurate positioning, can seize the market opportunities.The Volvo XC40, with its unique design, technology and driving control, has set a new benchmark for the urban luxury SUV segment, fully meeting people’s needs for individuality.Of course, talking about the car or from the consumer’s driving feeling to talk about, next let’s see!Good province lifetime free maintenance (annual oil update maintenance, limited to the first owner) Volvo XC40 enjoy 5 years of super long loan, 48 yuan per day (to the highest 15,000 replacement subsidy) beautiful family “Thor hammer” headlights bold SUV body attitude full of power, the same level of four-wheel drive, rain and snow days do not slip 211mm ground clearance,30W with adaptive near and far light, good peace of mind, active Safety/PARSC Anti-roll stability control System Upgraded version Cage body + ultra high strength boron steel full front row, standard knee airbag, preferential after-sales rights and interestsBuy a car to send lifelong free maintenance rights and interests, a car, lifelong love.2.1-3.31 Launch lifelong free maintenance rights upon purchase, users can not only enjoy high-quality driving from Northern Europe, but also have a more secure car use experience.The Volvo XC40, which is above street level, has a younger overall design and many reserved high-end users have been “planted grass” by it.With Scandinavian design, Thor hammer headlights, Viking axe taillights and hexagonal front grille, the Volvo XC40 has a strong Nordic feel, with a powerful, elegant posture.Externally, the XC40’s unique design style and personalized body color palette make it a departure from the staid image of the Volvo brand.The hexagonal grille on the Sport model is Volvo’s sporty design language, while the sleek and luxury models have a more textured cascade front grille with chrome trim.In addition, two protruding ribs can be clearly seen on the hood, which is full and full of power.The “Thor Hammer” LED daytime running light of Volvo family is the standard of the whole system. The lamp group is divided into two rows, two in each row. The whole system is standard with LED near high beam, and also has automatic headlamp, adaptive near and far light lamp and delay off function.The side lines of the vehicle are also a bit of a hard style, and there is an obvious rise in the C-pillar position, very sporty.At the same time, the trendy 3D dynamic appearance creates a feeling of suspension roof.The tail personality of the Viking axe taillight, is also the essence of Volvo.The top is equipped with modeling movement of the tail wing, the height proportion of the tail window carefully calculated after the design, to ensure the rearview mirror vision.The interior of the Volvo XC40 has always been Scandinavian and well suited to the young sophisticates of today, offering more flexible storage to meet the travel needs of quality-conscious and practical consumers.Physical buttons are designed in the position between the touch screen and the shift area. The overall shape is biased to the driver’s side, reflecting the driver-centered concept, which can make the driver’s operation more direct and convenient.Notably, the XC40’s center console, door panels and some panels are made of 100% environmentally friendly materials and are treated with anti-allergens.Excellent handling configuration Kingpin models with 2.0t +8AT powertrain, quiet and more fuel efficient.The transmission of AISin responds quickly and efficiently, the steering wheel turns lightly, the four-wheel drive system supports and the body setting is flexible and has certain maneuverability.Whether it is its shift comfort, comfort and stability, fully reached a luxury SUV should be the standard.The 2.0-t version of the XC40 also comes with an intelligent all-wheel-drive system, which gives the car greater stability on slippery roads and confidence.Volvo XC40 adopts the front McPherson + rear multi-link suspension. Overall, the CHASSIS of XC40 is mainly comfortable, and the vibration can be fully filtered out. With the all-time four-wheel drive system, it can adapt to most road conditions, which is called elevated on the top and low-lying on the bottom.Safety factor What does a safe and reliable car look like?The Volvo XC40 is equipped with the same level of safety protection. The overall body structure made of high-strength steel assemblies and a large number of advanced safety technologies make the Volvo XC40 reliable in both active and passive safety.Of course, there is more to safety than just avoiding risk in advance.The XC40 comes standard with City Safety and road departure warning systems, and has the same level of intelligent vehicle avoidance, as well as Safety features such as active braking, fatigue warning and lane keeping assistance.In addition, the ACC adaptive cruise system on the Volvo XC40 can be set to maintain a safe distance from the car in front at all times, increasing the safety of consumers when driving.As a luxury brand with a reputation for safety, the Volvo XC40’s active and passive safety is really hard to beat.It is worth noting that with the gradual strengthening of consumer health awareness, cockpit air safety has also become a focus.The Volvo XC40’s cabin is packed with environmentally friendly materials to ensure air quality and health.Volvo Cars is committed to providing an industry-leading clean in-car environment and creating a pleasant and healthy driving experience.In the manufacturing process, strict selection of “allergy friendly” materials and interior, as well as water-soluble environmental protection materials, to ensure that the air quality in the car health and peace of mind.As the world’s first luxury car brand to promote the concept of health, Volvo Cars has a complete solution to clean the cockpit.The Volvo CleanZone cockpit system provides multiple filters to prevent pollutants from entering and isolate pollutants such as exhaust fumes, as well as real-time monitoring of pollution readings outside and inside the vehicle.Remote control to unlock the vehicle can open the ventilation circulation, 7 minutes to have Nordic class pure air, immediately enjoy a healthy cockpit environment.In terms of non-sensitive material control, nickel is strictly prohibited for door handles, keys, gearbox shift rods, buttons, seat belt latch and other parts that are frequently contacted by the occupants of the car.Lead, antimony, certain plasticizers, alkyl tin compounds and bromine, which can be hazardous to human health, will also be absent.This means that everyday driving a Volvo car can be accompanied by a peace of mind that is skin-friendly and comfortable.Volvo also takes care of its drivers’ health in many places it can’t see.Damping is essential in order to keep vibrations and noise out of the cockpit as much as possible.Asphalt damping patch is widely used in vehicle manufacturing, but this material is easy to emit bad smell at high temperature, and may exist benzene, benzopyrine and other toxic substances, causing health safety and environmental hazards.Volvo is one of the first companies in China to use SSD water-soluble spray damping material in production and manufacturing.This material uses water as dispersion medium, almost no odor, benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, acetaldehyde, acrylaldehyde and other harmful substances emission is almost zero, formaldehyde content reaches the lowest standard at the same level.