The first international freight train in the Year of the Tiger entered China from Hunchun Railway port

2022-05-03 0 By

The first train loaded with goods in the Year of the Tiger rolls into Hunchun Railway port in Northeast China’s Jilin Province on Feb 1, 2022.At 9:10, the clear whistle broke the silence of Hunchun railway port, and the policemen of railway sub-station of Hunchun Entry-exit border inspection station were all ready: “The first Russian entry train has arrived, and all posts are ready for inspection.””Roger that!The cold winter wind was biting. The policemen on duty, their cheeks flushed with cold and their eyelashes frosted, still scrupulously inspected every corner of the train.With the continuous development of “One Belt and One Road” construction, international trade with Hunchun railway port as the fulcrum is more and more frequent.According to statistics, in 2021, train freight volume from the port reached 3.05 million tons.In 2022, hunchun Railway port will adapt to the needs of economic development, and gradually test run the round-the-clock customs clearance mode, gradually realize the normalization of China-Europe freight trains, and diversify the import and export goods, striving to reach 5.2 million tons of annual import and export goods, and become an important channel of jilin province’s foreign trade.With the duty increasing year by year, it is a pressure for the border inspection station, but also a driving force to push them forward to professionalism and specialization.At present, the international trade, seafood trade and energy trade between China and Europe, which is carried by railway, is in a period of rapid development. In order to cope with the sharp increase of freight volume, Hunchun Entry-exit border inspection station has scientifically deployed police force, strengthened supervision, and made every effort to ensure efficient customs clearance of goods and normal customs clearance operation of China-Russia-Huima railway port.In order to improve the service quality, the station adopted the duty operation mode of “group duty, key duty, avoid crossing” at the railway port during the epidemic period, set up a separate inspection area, and implemented the inspection and release upon arrival, to improve the efficiency of customs clearance and effectively promote the development of open economy in Hunchun City.(Hunchun Reporter Station: Wang Zhebin, Yan Xiangwei, Yu Zengli)