The new Toyota Sequoia, 3.4T V6 hybrid system, has been released

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As people’s car needs change, full-size SUVs are enjoying a new boom.After all, now people are very fond of large space models, and they also want to buy multi-seat models after the increase in the number of family members.Recently, we have seen that Wagney and Conquistador have welcomed the update time, and Toyota’s flagship model of Sequoia has finally started again, the third generation of the new car official picture was officially released.According to the official press release, the new sequoia will be unveiled this summer, which is sure to generate a lot of buzz.The new car is built based on the TNGA-F architecture, which is in the same door with the two star models, Tanzto and Landcruze, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the car.In order to grab more living space in the North American market, the car has been readjusted in many aspects, hoping to meet the latest needs of today’s consumers.Here’s a look at the ultimate industrial beauty of this behemoth.The new Sequoia in the shape of the design than the current model has a large adjustment, although it still uphold the rough hard style, but the front part of the large lamp group and the net model took on an entirely new look, looks more aggressive.Especially in the middle of the latter with a number of thick horizontal chrome trim filled, powerful gas field unforgettable.The big lamp also has strong irradiation ability under complex road conditions, which is easy to master the surrounding conditions.The new car side lines are square and slender, built with a simple concept, revealing a strong sense of strength.The broad brow is quite good from the ground, and the profile shows that it can be used in the wild.Large size hub to distinguish a variety of styling, tire grip do not have to worry about.The welcome pedal under the door is not only easy to get on and off, but also reflects the huge size of the car.The car’s rear view mirrors extend outwards to expand the field of view and reduce the scope of visual blind spots.The roof rack effectively strengthens the storage capacity, placing some large items is quite convenient.The new sequoia tail is little changed and clearly differentiated between regions.Although the taillight group is not a penetrating structure, it can be more prominent in size and is very eye-catching when opened at night.The rear bumper can play a very good protective role, but it is a pity that there is no decoupling.Of course, in order to meet the different preferences of consumers, the new Sequoia in the ordinary version of the model on the basis of the two new versions of Capstone and TRD Pro, three different styles of the front face in the full size SUV is rare.Among them, the Capstone version of the interior of the net is filled with honeycomb chrome plated structure, which is more excellent in the sense of delicacy, adding some urban flavor.TRD Pro is also a honeycomb structure, but it is blackened to create a more radical visual effect.It has also changed TOYOTA’s classic bullhead logo into a large TOYOTA alphabet, boosting its recognition.The innovative addition of an LED light strip under the LOGO makes it cool to drive on the street.The new redwood interior layout is basically consistent with smooth road, although there are not too many complex elements, but the overall texture is very good.The armrest box area is decorated with a large amount of wood grain material, which is strengthened in texture.The four-spoke steering wheel is comfortable to grip, compact and reasonable in the distribution of keys, and the steering accuracy is in the leading level at the same level.The car pays special attention to the technical attributes, the 12.3-inch full LCD meter is prominent in size, and a lot of thought has been put into the UI design.The ultra large semi-suspended central control screen is worthy of recognition, embedded rich APP applications.Of course, some of the traditional physical buttons and knobs are retained, taking into account the driving habits of individual customers.Although the size data has not been exposed, but the new sequoia is positioned here, space will not be a disadvantage.The new car is expected to be divided into 2+2+3 7-seater and 2+3+3 8-seater layouts, with a wide range of vehicles.The car each row of seats will have a considerable movement space, in full load will also have a good storage capacity.It is estimated that the third row seats can also achieve electric folding, if the addition of adjustable shelving system, then its practicality will be more advantageous.In terms of power, the new Sequoia will be powered by a 3.4-ton twin-turbo V6 engine with an I-Force MAX hybrid that delivers 444 horsepower and 790 N · m of peak torque from a 1.5kwh battery pack, no less than the Explorer’s 3.5-ton engine and wagney’s 5.7 liter.The new car is matched with a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the handling is your satisfaction.If there is off-road demand, the new car also provides rich optional content.The new Sequoia has also invested great energy in safety attributes. The whole system is equipped with Toyota TSS 2.5 safety systems and rich built-in functions.In particular, the anti-collision system has the ability to detect pedestrians. After all, the size of the car is too large, and there will inevitably be blind spots when driving, and the driver can not find pedestrians in front of him in a timely and effective manner.As a summation of Toyota’S SUV technology, the new Sequoia excels in quality, durability and reliability over most of its rivals.After its official launch, it doesn’t have to worry too much about sales, and consumers are willing to pay handsomely for a quality model and drive it to feel its natural charm.