“Today’s attention” MCC Jingcheng join Hands with Lingang!Practice digital transformation of steel industry

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MCC Jingcheng join hands with Lingang!In December 2021, MCC Jingcheng and Lingyuan Iron and Steel Company responded to the call of important strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on “deepening the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in Northeast China”, “promoting the revitalization and development of Northeast China” and “revitalizing 100 pair of enterprises in the northeast”.The two parties signed the strategic cooperation agreement “Digital and Intelligent Development” to jointly promote the digital transformation of LING Steel with digitalization, intelligence, platform and ecology as the main line, which opened the prelude of digital transformation and upgrading of Ling Steel.In February 2022, liaoning Province manufacturing digital transformation docking and Exchange meeting was held in Shenyang. At the meeting, Liaoning Provincial government pointed out that it should promote the digital transformation of the province’s manufacturing industry and speed up the construction of “digital Liaoning” and strong manufacturing province.According to the deployment of the national and provincial governments, Lingyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and MCC Jingcheng co., Ltd. jointly formulated the Digital Intelligent Transformation and Development Plan of Lingyuan Iron & Steel Co., LTD., and assisted Lingyuan Iron & Steel Co., LTD to realize the digital transformation of the enterprise by utilizing the industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, digital twin, artificial intelligence, 5G and other new-generation information technologies.In line with the principle of gradual implementation of the overall plan, steady and steady, starting from the digitalization demonstration production line, orderly progress to the whole factory.At the beginning of March, managers and technicians from both sides overcame the impact of the epidemic and started the upgrade of intelligent production line through on-site and video conference. After detailed investigation and discussion, advanced and reliable digital upgrade plan of production line was developed.The scheme achieves less humanization through intelligent equipment and robot application;Through a unified digital control platform to achieve digital control of products and production process;Through big data intelligent analysis and production line digital twin application to provide intelligent support for production personnel and management personnel.The upgraded production line NUMERICAL control rate and equipment digital rate indicators will reach the leading level of the industry, and ultimately achieve the goal of stable post operation, improve product quality, and increase the efficiency of enterprise staff reduction.MCC Jingcheng and Lingang will work together to create visual, controllable and manageable “digital Lingang”, Lingang will build liaoning province and steel industry through digital transformation typical intelligent manufacturing benchmark enterprises.Content source: MCC Jingcheng – Iron and Steel enterprises a full range of solutions experts tel: 010-67835309 Copyright note: copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact delete;The contents of this article are the author’s personal views and do not represent the views and positions of the Newspaper.Please indicate the source of reprint;If the content of the article is biased, please correct it;Please contact us if the source is wrong.Welcome to cooperate with World Metal Herald, tel: 18810506859 (same wechat number)