Xiuning County built 3,000 mu of high-standard farmland

2022-05-03 0 By

Recently, in xiuning County wan ‘an Town Huang and Nanqian two villages of 3,000 mu field acouacoutic field, construction personnel are seizing the time to build new drainage and irrigation revetment.Shanghuang and Nanqian villages are big villages for rice cultivation, and also the “granary” of Wan ‘an Town.Due to poor farmland standards, the area was prone to water shortages during droughts, and floods caused soil erosion in some farmland, affecting the harvest.In order to ensure that this rice absolute returns, the county bureau of the ministry in 6 million yuan of money, the two village shall farmland, according to the requirements of high standard, the new total length of 2244 meters of irrigation and drainage revetment three, three new and reinforcing bar dam, the three new built machine-cultivated bridge, the installation of agricultural waste garbage collection pool in two places, the engineering construction is nearing an end,By then, 3,000 mu of farmland will be sown with rice in time.