Chinese New Year holiday is coming to a small peak, guangzhou outbound domestic ticket prices hit “cabbage”

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The Spring Festival holiday has entered the countdown, ushering in a small return peak.Today, Guangzhou Daily · New Huachen reporter learned from baiyun Airport, From February 6th to February 10th, guangzhou outbound domestic flight tickets are now “cabbage price”, some popular routes as low as 0.6 discount.Such as February 6 to February 10, evening flight guangzhou to Chongqing 0.6 off, 120 yuan;Guangzhou to Nanjing 0.9 off, 170 yuan;Guangzhou to Hefei, Jinan, Kunming, Dalian 1.2 discount, ticket prices ranging from 200 yuan to 260 yuan;Guangzhou fly Guiyang, Qingdao, Changchun 1.3 off, ticket prices ranging from 200 yuan to 380 yuan;Guangzhou fly xi ‘an, Chengdu, Tianjin 1.4 off, ticket prices 260 yuan to 320 yuan;Guangzhou to Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Hohhot, Shanghai, Harbin, Wuhan, Yinchuan, Beijing and other places 1.6 to 20 off, ticket prices ranging from 200 yuan to 600 yuan;Guangzhou to Taiyuan, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Haikou, Sanya and other places 2.4 to 3.8 off, the air ticket price of 400 to 600 yuan.In the next five days, many popular cities return to Ear ticket prices have picked up.It is understood that on February 10, Qingdao fly guangzhou 2.7 off, 600 yuan;February 10 west Kunming fly to Guangzhou 2.8 off, 550 yuan;February 10 guiyang to Guangzhou 3.1 off, 470 yuan;Chengdu, Tianjin, Chongqing, Taiyuan, Haikou, guangzhou and other places 3.2 to 3.8 off, 610 yuan to 740 yuan;Flights from Dalian, Lanzhou, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, Changchun, Hohhot, Yinchuan, Sanya, Xi ‘an and other cities to Guangzhou are 4.5 to 6.9 percent off, with air tickets ranging from 800 to 1,510 yuan.During the Spring Festival, the price of air tickets changes quickly. Please pay attention to the information of air tickets in advance and make arrangements to return to Guangzhou.Check-in procedures for domestic flights will be stopped 45 minutes before departure. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before departure, pay attention to flight information and check the terminal where the flight is located in advance, so as not to affect the itinerary.Details of guangzhou outbound flights in the next five days (February 6th to February 10th) are as follows: (The following fares do not include airport construction tax) Central China direction: Guangzhou to Wuhan: 10 days at least 20% off, 290 yuan.Guangzhou to Changsha: 10 days minimum 1.6 off, 200 yuan.Guangzhou to Zhengzhou: at least 25% off, 430 yuan.North China direction: Guangzhou to Beijing: at least 20% off, 510 yuan.Guangzhou to Tianjin: 8 days at least 1.4 off, 320 yuan.Guangzhou to Taiyuan: minimum 2.4 off, 400 yuan.Guangzhou to Shijiazhuang: 6 days at least 1.8 off,320 yuan.Guangzhou to Hohhot: at least 1.8 percent off, 400 yuan.East China direction: Guangzhou to Shanghai: the lowest 1.8 discount, 320 yuan.Guangzhou to Nanjing: the lowest discount 0.9, 170 yuan.Guangzhou to Jinan: the lowest 1.2 discount, 200 yuan.Guangzhou to Hefei: minimum 1.2 discount, 160 yuan.Guangzhou to Qingdao: minimum 1.3 off, 270 yuan.South China direction: Guangzhou to Haikou: the lowest 2.8 off, 520 yuan.Guangzhou to Sanya: the lowest discount 3.8 yuan, 600 yuan.Northwest direction: Guangzhou to Xi ‘an: the lowest 1.4 off, 260 yuan.Guangzhou to Yinchuan: at least 20% off, 410 yuan.Northeast direction: Guangzhou to Dalian: the lowest 1.2 discount, 260 yuan.Guangzhou to Shenyang: 10 days minimum 2.4 off, 600 yuan.Guangzhou to Changchun: 8 days minimum 1.3 off, 380 yuan.Guangzhou to Harbin: the lowest 1.9 discount, 600 yuan.Southwest direction: Guangzhou to Kunming: 9 days of the lowest 1.2 discount, 240 yuan.Guangzhou to Guiyang: the lowest 1.3 discount, 200 yuan.Guangzhou to Chengdu: 9 days at least 1.4 off, 280 yuan.Guangzhou to Chongqing: 120 yuan with a discount of 0.6.For the next five days (February 6th – February 10th), the details of air tickets to Guangzhou are as follows: North China direction: Shijiazhuang to Guangzhou: 10 days from the lowest 5.2 discount, 930 yuan.Tianjin to Guangzhou: 10 days minimum 3.3 off, 740 yuan.Hohhot to Guangzhou: 10 days minimum 5.7 off, 1270 yuan.Taiyuan to Guangzhou: 10 days of minimum 3.6 off, 670 yuan.East China direction: Qingdao to Guangzhou: 10 days at least 2.7 off, 600 yuan.Jinan to Guangzhou: 10 days of the lowest 4.8 off, 800 yuan.South China direction: Haikou to Guangzhou: 10 days of the lowest 3.8 off, 720 yuan.Sanya to Guangzhou: at least 6.5 percent off, 1030 yuan.Northwest direction: Xi ‘an to Guangzhou: 10 days minimum discount of 6.9 yuan, 1280 yuan.Lanzhou to Guangzhou: 10 days of the lowest 4.7 off, 1140 yuan.Yinchuan to Guangzhou: 10 days minimum 6.4 off, 1300 yuan.Northeast direction: Dalian to Guangzhou: 10 days of the lowest 4.5 off, 1070 yuan.Changchun to Guangzhou: 10 days of minimum 5.5 discount, 1510 yuan.Southwest direction: Chongqing to Guangzhou: 10 days minimum 3.4 off, 680 yuan.Kunming to Guangzhou: 10 days at least 2.8 off, 550 yuan.Chengdu to Guangzhou: 10 days minimum 3.2 discount, 610 yuan.Warm reminder: During the Spring Festival travel rush, air ticket prices change quickly, specific real-time query shall prevail.For more ticket details, please call Baiyun Airport business service hotline 020-86130088, 400-830-0000, international hotline 020-86130099.Article/photo/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng Reporter: Li Yan Correspondent: Airport Xuan, Song Ying Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng editor: Lin Jing