Fighting the epidemic with one Mind | building an iron wall for epidemic prevention and control

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A sudden outbreak of the epidemic let a lot of people into the battle they head on in their own post day endlessly, sleepless overtime hard work, silently dedication…On New Year’s Eve, Jindongfang Community, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, which has completed intensive epidemic prevention and control work for several days in a row, welcomed a news to ease everyone’s tension: the community is not within the “three zones” (containment area, control area and prevention area).This also gives community epidemic prevention and control workers a little relief.In the face of the sudden outbreak, they rushed to the front line and built an iron wall of epidemic prevention and control with their responsibility.On January 26, Han Yinping, secretary of the CPC Committee of Jindong Community, received an urgent task from Xixing Street and needed to lead a team to the baogan point of the industrial park to support nucleic acid testing. The next day, large-scale nucleic acid testing within the jurisdiction of the community would be carried out immediately.The incident was sudden, but the work was organized.”Call volunteers in advance and be ready at any time.” “Do you have enough supplies?” “Set up the venue tonight first.”Under The supervision of Han Yinping, community workers have made adequate preparations for nucleic acid testing with a reasonable division of labor.Han Yinping carries on division of labor to community worker “want to fight to have preparation” is Han Yinping’s catchphrase, her idea is exquisite, work is vigorous and resolute.Although this epidemic prevention and control battle is sudden, but she has already made relevant deployment in advance according to the street epidemic prevention requirements.For community cadres, adequate plan and preparation is a powerful guarantee, in the face of a sudden epidemic can “calm down”.Through the snow and snow to set up the tent of love epidemic severe days, but also hangzhou weather more bad time.In the early hours of January 29, the snow was getting heavier and heavier.”The weather is so cold, we need to set up several nucleic acid testing routes, so as to speed up the speed and reduce the number of residents exposed to cold!”Han said that secretary dry, and colleagues together to carry the tent to each point to build.Among the 13 epidemic prevention and control workers in golden East community, nine are girls. “I have turned you into a tough girl,” Han said with a laugh.The ground was wet and slippery, and their hands were red with cold in the rain.After the completion of the construction, it is 2 o ‘clock in the morning, everyone’s face showed a relieved smile.When the tent was set up, there were smiles on everyone’s faces.On New Year’s Eve, the news that Jindongfang community was not in the area of “Three districts” gave the community epidemic prevention personnel a little relief, but they still had their work to do. In addition to “hard” epidemic prevention, they also needed “warm” services.Han eun-ping sent a Spring Festival gift package and a New Year’s Eve dinner to the residents who have been quarantined at home.In the meantime, her 8-year-old daughter calls on video: “Mom, are you coming back for New Year’s Eve dinner today?”Han Yinping did not care to say too much, “mom tonight not available, you feel at ease to eat dinner.”After hanging up the phone hastily, she went back to work.”I’m most relieved that residents can stay at home during the holiday,” she said.On the first day of the first lunar month, Han Yinping learned from his colleagues that there was an isolated household to be transferred because of the child’s young age, parents worried about the transfer time is longer, need to prepare diapers for the child.Knowing this demand, Han Yinping rushed around, and finally, with the help of enthusiastic residents, found two diapers and sent them to the family for the first time.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, epidemic prevention workers in the community have been adapting to a high pace of work.Han yinping’s body also suffered from discomfort and recurrence of cholecystitis, but she stuck to her post: “I have to fight duty-free to protect our home.”From overall deployment to concrete implementation, she is always hands-on, explaining her responsibilities and responsibilities with actions.In this war without the smoke of gunpowder, han Yinping, like the figure rushing to the front line, is the epitome of the persistence of thousands of epidemic prevention people.Editor/Wu Mengxian Source/Xixing Street