It’s the most economical tonic for fall!Cough and moisten lung, but also enhance resistance

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After the start of Autumn, when the weather turns cooler and the moisture in the air decreases, it is relatively dry, so people are more likely to get hot and cough.For example, Arya’s throat has been very uncomfortable recently. When she woke up, her throat felt very dry, and no amount of water would help.So recently I made a lot of shengjin runfei soup for myself and my family to drink, drink for a few days, my throat is not dry, eating more appetite.And as the saying goes, “a bowl of soup in autumn, do not need the doctor to help”, want to fall more healthy, more should eat some refreshing, soup water food, that drink soup is the best choice, not only nourishing Yin kidney, moistening the body, but also can fill lung shu Qi, prevent respiratory diseases, enhance the body’s resistance!Tremella pear soup: Tremella pear soup, Tremella pear, Wolfberry, rock sugar: Step 1: Soak the dried tremella one hour in advance for later use.Step 2: Wash the pears, peel them and cut them into pieces. Place the skins and flesh in a bowl.At the same time, take out the soaked tremella, rinse with water, cut off the roots, use your hands to pick evenly sized pieces, put them in a bowl for later use.Step 3: Put appropriate amount of water into the pot, boil the water, put tremella into the pot and cook for 20 minutes.Then pour in rock sugar, Sydney pieces, pear skin, stir evenly with chopsticks, continue to boil.The fourth step: boil about 10 minutes later, clip out the pear skin, and then add the right amount of medlar, continue to boil 5 minutes later can be sheng out to enjoy ~ : 1, the best ingredients choose juicy sweet pear.2. Pear skin and tremella are key, the former to thicken the soup and make it darker, the latter to add consistency and a smooth taste.3, if you have prunes at home, you can add a little, so that the soup is better to drink, taste is more layered.Autumn soup tonic!Get rid of cough, kidney deficiency, moisten dryness and enhance resistance, this tremella pear soup must be drunk.Finally 2 ya want to ask everyone, still know what food has the effect of sheng Jin Run lung?Let us have a discussion in the comments section below