There is a heat, send a light

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Lei Feng spirit “dedication in the month of love, thousands of Lei Feng miracle” ★ ★ ★1 Lei Feng spirit connotation one: dedication 2 Lei Feng spirit connotation two: “nail” spirit 3 Lei Feng spirit connotation three: “screw” spirit 4 Lei Feng spirit connotation four:You see, the students of the school of Science and Technology are actively raising money and dedicating their strength.You are not the sun, but you can send out more warm light than the sun!We call Lei Feng, call is the love of gold;What we pursue lei Feng is the moral temperature of the society, the spiritual height of The Times and the value scale of the nation.We admire Lei Feng, admire is the responsibility to the people, to society.Line linger, a long time since fragrance.”Man’s life is limited, but there is no limit to serving the people. I want to put my limited life into the infinite service to the people……”—- Lei Feng learning lei Feng spirit, lit the light of civilization.As contemporary college students, we should learn from him, illuminate others at the same time, the light also shines on their own.Learn from Comrade Lei Feng Lei Feng Memorial Day photo source: Business Department editor: Chen Qianmao Rector: Tian Shanshan proofreading: Ren Jinwei Editor: Zhang Xiaomin final review: Yang Jing