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1. When you know your feelings on the left and your life on the right, see through the fickleness of people and understand the routine of interests, the more you understand that you can only rely on your parents and the money in your hand.2. Although men love beautiful women, but finally marry are suitable for their own, although women ask for economic, can marry are good to themselves, in fact, the last fight is responsibility and character.3 white clothes have a stain is obvious, black clothes can not see the stain, good people make mistakes, nature is not allowed, bad people make mistakes is natural, when turbidity is a normal, innocence is a sin.4. A man who promises to be polite is not necessarily a true friend. A man who is mean will help you when you need help.5. When life throws you into a fiery pit and you have to be there, there is nothing strong or brave about it. All you have is an instinct to survive and endure what others endure.You are still young, you will meet a lot of people, experience a lot of things, gain a lot, but also lose a lot, no matter what, there are two things, you should never throw away, one is called original intention, the other is called ideal.7. Since childhood, I have been taught that loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness are worth thousands of dollars, but now they tell me that rivers and lakes are not by their fate.8. No matter how high a toad can jump, it is also a toad. The ugly duckling can become a white swan because his parents are swans.9. If you get along well, others don’t like you.Others look down upon you for your bad conduct.Don’t think you are poor is not necessarily outsiders;Fear you rich must be around people.10. When I was young, I thought money was vulgar, but when I went to the battlefield of life, I found that money was the most powerful weapon in the fight.11 contemporary young people love way: fall in love can, but not open, love you is sure, but not post moments, swear, look at my mobile phone is not.12. When borrowing money, smiling face, promise, guarantee early return;When you want money, you hesitate, you drink, you procrastinate;In real life, there are three kinds of meat and three kinds of people.13. The biggest misunderstanding we have about human nature is that we think that as long as we are human, we have a conscience.14 the icing on the cake everyone will, is difficult to help;Everyone has a short passion, difficult is long together.A dog is not well fed, a snake is not hot, and a Wolf is not well fed. I will treat you to dinner at any cost, this is our friendship.But when you lend me money, you pay me back a dime. That’s the rule.You have to admit that after the age of 20, all your means of living, maintaining your image and maintaining your relationships, must depend on money. This is not chicken soup.Money is a demon mirror, is also the heart ruler, when poor see human nature, when rich know people, a rich cover 100 ugly, a poor destroy all, the poor’s deep feeling is not worth a hair, the rich hooligan is extremely charming.18 why do men feel that small three than his wife gentle, understand him, because she does not participate in your daily necessities, only to participate in your eating and drinking.19 can not carry also to carry, if you don’t do, others think you are lazy, if you don’t do, others think you can not suffer, if you don’t do, they think you will enjoy.20 in this world in addition to nine to five, there are a lot of people to work late into the night, no double rest no hot porridge, no brightly lit home, try their best to live but barely enough to eat and clothing.21 easily angered, mostly the weak, because the weak will try to be brave, the strong often know how to show weakness.In the same way, bitterness comes from a weak foundation, and bitterness comes from a sour heart.22. If you want to live a happy life, you should not argue with a fool, not reason with a fool, not argue with people who have different views, and not try to wake up a fool.Ten years ago, people around you treated you according to how much your parents earned.Ten years from now, the people around you will treat your parents and your children according to your income!Such is human nature and life, there is no choice but to try.24. Most of the time, it’s not your job that drains your energy, it’s the people you meet at work.The work itself is not tiring, balancing the mood is the most tiring.25 sometimes angry, angry, sad, in fact, just because you get the results and you think too far, you are always competing with yourself.26 life all the grievances but a breath, this tone in the heart, but because do not see through, hard.27 hotel bed heard the most lies and deception, the hospital wall saw the most tears and attachment, the world has different joys and sorrows, also has the same birth and death.28. I have seen young people with tattoos on their arms give up their seats on the bus, and I have also seen people wearing suits and shoes eat and drink everywhere with public funds. In this society, people wearing beautiful clothes are not necessarily elegant, and those wearing ordinary clothes are not necessarily vulgar.Words are said for people to listen to, but things are done for people to see, hear and see, others will only care about seeing!