Wu Qian officially announced his divorce, but Lu Han is being searched for “praise”

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February 14 is a romantic Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of this day to have a romantic date with someone you love.Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian has released a dynamic official announcement of divorce, instantly caused a great uproar netizens.On February 14, Wu posted a picture of the mother and daughter on her social media platform with the caption “Valentine’s Day for single girls”.Netizens have been speculating on this remark.However, shortly after Wu qian posted the news, Zhang Yujian posted on social media to express his gratitude for the beautiful encounter, the future will be long, we are still the parents of the child and each other’s closest friends.The couple are now married, ending their marital relationship, according to a statement from both their studios.Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian care about Li Kun’s copywriting on social media is different from other stars, like no good consultation is not like a peaceful divorce.For many fans of Wu Qian, her decision to become single is welcome news.The couple divorced after a short time together, amid signs of falling apart.As we all know, Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian have been photographed dating for many times, and photos of them going home hand in hand have been reported as love affairs.But two people did not come forward to respond, Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian two people with a lover’s corner cooperation of a TV drama “I only like you”, it is because of this play let two people feelings warming up, become a real lover.That year, Wu Qian took the children out on the street just paparazzi photographed, Zhang Yujian silent attitude, once again set off a storm of public opinion caused the dissatisfaction of netizens, zhang Yujian was forced to admit that he had a girl on social media.But Zhang Yujian’s behavior has caused a lot of dissatisfaction among fans, in the two people married before, Zhang Yujian has been selling single set, Zhang Yujian in the program also frankly want to find a girlfriend, Zhang Yujian’s move makes everyone difficult to understand.Now most stars in the entertainment industry chose to hide their relationship status for their career, but after being exposed, most stars chose to be open and show everyone a face of “dog food”.Take For example Guan Xiaotong and Lu Han. When Lu Han had the most popular fan flow, Lu Han did not hesitate to announce their love on social media. Until now, there has been no scandal between them.Although fans initially disapproved of their relationship, as time went on, netizens found that there were not many men like Lu, suggesting that not every man is a man.Lu Han has a sense of responsibility and is very single-minded towards relationships, which is a pure man and a man.Now, Wu Qian is finally divorced, which is also the expectation of ruthless fans who wish her to be single and encourage her to do well in her career.Now Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian divorced two people’s marriage has ended.I wish them a smooth career, I hope the netizens can also hand mercy, bless them.