Xinjiang spring farming map gradually show the generation of agriculture “xiu outside hui Zhong” show one’s skill

2022-05-04 0 By

Urumqi, March 25, China News Network(Gou Jipeng) In the warm and cold, snow melting, moistening things silently, winter wheat green, grapevine shelves, Xinjiang spring farming map gradually exhibition.Modern agricultural means, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, Beidou navigation planters, and intelligent control systems integrating water and fertilizer, are showing their talents in the fields.Recently, the reporter in The Kashgar area zepu county seed farm to see, concentrated contiguous winter wheat has got up, into the spring irrigation fertilization season.Unlike the past, this year the seed multiplication farm of 5000 acres of winter wheat has efficient water-saving, intelligent agriculture demonstration projects, the original pieces of farmland turned into intensive, standardization, informationization, a new type of high standard farmland, intelligence, wisdom, supporting the intelligent cucumber in fertilization system, fingertips with the click of a “wisdom” irrigation can be realized.”In the past, it took 60 people to fertilize and irrigate 5,000 mu of wheat for about 25 days. After the intelligent fertilization system was put into use, it not only saved manpower but also reduced fertilizer waste, and the time for irrigation and fertilization was also shortened by half.”Farmer Alimjan Usman is confident of this year’s harvest.In recent years, automated and intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment represented by plant protection UAV have been rapidly popularized in xinjiang’s agricultural production and entered ordinary people’s homes. The practice of intelligent agriculture in Xinjiang is also becoming more diversified. Whether it is spring ploughing and summer planting, autumn harvesting and winter storage, there are many “intelligent factors” in all aspects.Recently, the first agricultural UAV service station in Weili County, Bayingoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang was officially launched, taking the lead in exploring the localized, standardized and standardized after-sales service mode of agricultural UAV in the local area.”Similar to ‘AUTOMOBILE 4S Shop’, it includes uav spare parts, maintenance, repair, information feedback and other comprehensive services, to provide more high-quality services for farmers, to achieve ‘major repair into the shop, minor repair into the point, repair in the field’ agricultural machinery UAV professional service mode.”The service station master Xi Ting Yang said.With agricultural UAV “4S shop”, let Yuli county cotton farmers Han Hui eat reassuring.”In the past, the fear of falling or failure of the DRONE, then only to the dealer to repair, generally need two to three days, if the problem is big, it may take a week or more time.Now, if the drone has a small problem, a phone call, plant protection vehicles can come to our fields to help us solve the problem, much more convenient.”Han said he plans to plant 1,500 mu of cotton this year, and drones will be his “helpful help” during about five months of cultivation and harvesting.From “relying on the weather” to “relying on science and technology to increase income”, with the development and application of 5G, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other new technologies, more and more farmers in Xinjiang are winning by “wisdom” in farming.(after)