Zoom regret move to TES?After leaving JDG, the current situation is hard, and the gap with 369 is sad!

2022-05-04 0 By

As the LPL official specially arranged “e-competition Spring Evening Super Week” comes to an end, on the last game day of LPL spring regular season, TES, an all-Chinese team regarded as the favorite to win, meets OMG, which is not in good form recently.Although the two teams are all Chinese teams, there is a gap in the overall strength of the lineup. In addition, OMG has just experienced three consecutive defeats, so the audience is generally optimistic that TES can end the losing streak and win.However, the result of the match was quite surprising, not only did TES not win the BO3 easily, but they were actually taken away by OMG 2-0, which is probably not expected by any OMG fans before the game.Not only did BP completely beat TES, but OMG also took the lead in all aspects of player performance, especially Able and Aki.OMG chose to use Bobby Counter Xiaopeng’s play wild Huangzi in both games, and achieved very obvious effect. As long as Bobby drives W, it is difficult for Xiaopeng’s Huangzi to use EQ to enter or play control.This thought to join TES can hold the thigh and even to impact the World Cup higher honor Zoom, now the situation is very awkward, not only their own to do their best to Carry teammates, and even if they play well is difficult to win the game.This BO3 makes people feel sad about the duke’s situation. After exchanging teams with 369, 369 who joined JDG recently made rapid progress under the guidance of Homme.In contrast, after Zoom left JDG, his original intention was to seek stronger teammates to achieve better results. However, TES and the team fell into a low point together, losing to V5 and OMG in succession. It is not clear whether Zoom’s decision to leave JDG was correct.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.