1-1!Traore scored 3 goals in 3 games as Barcelona drew with Napoli in the Europa League

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Barcelona VS Napoli in the first leg of the Uefa Champions League knockout round.In the first half, Zelinski scored;In the second half, Ferran – Torres scored a penalty.Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli.Throughout all the Europa league play-off, Barca and Napoli showdown, is undoubtedly the focus of the war.At present, in terms of the overall strength of the two teams, Barca is a little stronger.However, it is also a difficult thing to beat the opponent.In the 28th minute, Zelinski opened the scoring.The 58th minute, Traore made point, Ferran – Torres penalty hit.After that, both teams attacked and defended each other, but neither team scored again.Barcelona draw with Napoli, 1-1.The second leg of the game will move to Maradona stadium on February 25.Maradona, for both teams, is an unforgettable name.I wonder who old Ma will “help” this time.For Barca, the European League is very important.Because, in the la Liga arena, the contention for the fourth game is increasingly heated.What if the season ends and you don’t finish in the top four?A win in the Uefa champions League would be a double guarantee for champions League qualification.And for that to happen, Naples must be eliminated.This service, Traore made a goal.In his first three games back with Barcelona, he has notched up two assists and one creation point.Barca made a real profit on this loan deal.With his current form, Barcelona are likely to buy out Wolves at the end of the season.A wanderer can truly return to his homeland.Barca starters: 1- terstegen, 22- Mingessa, 3- Pique, 24- Eric Garcia, 18- Alba, 21- de Jung, 28- Nico, 16- Pedrie, 11- Traore, 19- Ferlan Torres, 25- Aubameyang Napoli starters:1- Meret, 22- dilorenzo, 26- Coulibaly, 13- Rachmani, 5- Juan Jesus, 99- Anguiza, 8- Fabian Ruiz, 7- Elmas, 20- Zelinski, 24- Insigne, 9- Osmayne