2-4, hit 13 +64% possession and still lost!Bundesliga giants toppled, Real Madrid barca have profited

2022-05-05 0 By

Europa league play-off first leg, Dortmund against rangers also caused the attention of some fans, everybody is more attention may be many team’s performance, as the bundesliga club, Dortmund after the champions league to stumble, like Barcelona, and slid back into the champions league cup area, but also to undertake the knockout play-offs, before the game,Outside with Dortmund basically can win, because the two teams the overall strength of the gap is huge, Glasgow rangers is the European league teams, and more especially when one of the five major league clubs, the duel between the two teams, from fame and power is huge gap, and more than it is at home, but never thought that eventually the game,Dort’s 4-2 defeat was a surprise., it was clear from the start stage, the gap between the two teams, Dortmund in the first to threaten, ball control and organization of the ball rate accounted for sixty-four percent, and Glasgow rangers possession rate is only thirty-six percent, from this perspective, Dortmund and grasp the situation, early is almost determined, the quadrature in the compasses in Glasgow rangers can only fight,Played conservatively and cautiously.In terms of attacking shots, Dott scored 13, while Rangers, surprisingly, were not to be outdone even when they did not have the advantage of passing possession, with nine shots on goal, and in terms of attacking efficiency, Rangers were even more dominant, with five on target compared to dott’s three.The 38th minute, the first goal to appear, the road going to Glasgow rangers, take the lead in an offensive to harvest the penalty, tower pooh all hit, to help lead to a 1-0 lead from Glasgow rangers, after leading, Glasgow rangers is very strong, sustained attack, the 41st minute,Morelos also scored to make Glasgow Rangers 2-0 ahead, and Ludstram added a goal in the 49th minute to make it 3-0.Conceding three goals in a row, Dortmund seemed to awaken, 51 minutes, scored from a burling um, more than a city back 1-3, 54 minutes, however, that is just three minutes later, Mr. Du staged an own goal, rangers and continue to lead, 4-1 game on 82 minutes, guerrero, Dortmund 2-4 a city back again,But time was running out and Dott had to settle for a 4-2 defeat.It is worth mentioning, after it, many road, the second leg in a passive, selection probability is very big, but on the other hand, as is worth 150 million euro star harland it fails to play, in the blue, it also or accelerated the idea of his departure, to this, real Madrid and Barcelona have profit, because before that, the two Spanish giants to harland,With the current poor performance of Dott, harland, a potential star, is bound to jump ship sooner or later.