I want to be a pioneer in business environment services: Enterprises “move their mouth”, and approval departments do the legwork

2022-05-05 0 By

Shenyang Natural Resources Bureau recently, in order to implement the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the “revitalization of the new breakthrough, I want to be a pioneer” special action requirements, do a good job in the “three, three reality” (into the enterprise, into the community, into the countryside, tell the truth, out of practical action, do practical things), to practice “natural pioneer, planning force”,Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources has carried out a series of actions to enter enterprises and solve their difficulties on site.On January 21, Dadong Branch of Shenyang Natural Resources Bureau learned that China Resources Electric Power (Shenyang) Co., LTD., due to lack of professional handling personnel, work experience and slow preparation of relevant requirements in the approval process of the new Plant project of China Resources Thermal Power Plant located in Jurtun, Dadong District,In the afternoon of the same day, I organized the responsible persons of relevant departments together with the Municipal Survey Institute, the Municipal Planning Institute and other professional technical departments to work in The site of China Resources Electric Power (Shenyang) Co., LTD., delivered relevant policy documents to the enterprise, and submitted the list of materials for approval.Explain item by item the technical issues of coordinate measurement and other relevant procedures such as “State-owned construction land use right Transfer Contract”, “Construction land planning Permit”, “real estate registration Certificate”, “construction project planning Permit” and so on, and assist enterprises to sort out each examination and approval link.To solve the problems raised by China Resources Power (Shenyang) Co., LTD., such as the long process of enterprise payment request, all kinds of expenses need to be supported by relevant documents of the state, etc., and coordinate with relevant departments of taxation on site to provide answers.The person in charge of the enterprise said: The department of natural resources took the initiative to come to the office of the enterprise to solve problems and provide us with better service, which will certainly boost the project and greatly enhance the confidence of the enterprise investment.