Year of the Tiger limited color to attack, enjoy the top visual feast

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Legend has it that in ancient times, there is a lion in the zodiac, but there is no tiger. The lion is ferocious in nature, and the Jade Emperor wants to replace it.When all the animals in the world caused chaos, the tiger came down to quell the chaos, frequently meritorious service, was named the king of all the animals.So the Jade Emperor removed the lion from the zodiac and moved the tiger in.Later, the tiger guarding the earth, also became people’s town house god beast, exorcism, gather gas xiang.Tiger, black stripes, orange fur background, Yitian “Thames” gaodi kitchen series, color matching without plan.The main tone of black, white and grey, and the wood color embellishment, highlight the noble and gorgeous.Colour, light and shadow, metal, conflation is proper, more than one cent, less one cent is insufficient, simple sense is advanced, make a person fondle admiringly.The kitchen is also a place of dazzling skills, stainless steel microcrystal baking paint, door panel craft exquisite;Modular receiving system, condole ark calm.Zhongdao design, only for extraordinary, washing, food preparation, storage, omnipotent;Daily life, friends and family dinner, handmade activities, everything.The kitchen captures the moment of warm life, witnessing the transfer of culture and emotion.Eating alone, alone but not lonely, pleasing the self, is also romantic.Many people eat, laughter, fresh and vivid, tender feelings flowing in the heart.Through the ages, people love tigers and pray for them. They are heroic and healthy like tigers.The year of Yin tiger, tiger to blessing, is willing to all the good meaning of the tiger spread over the world kitchen!Source: Yita integrated stove