Zhou Shen, a new song, let a person heartache to suffocate dare not even dare not listen to more | back to you

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Zhou Shen, a new song, I dare not listen to again, because there is a deep pain in the song, the pain can not breathe, fortunately, only four minutes long, fortunately, the depressed atmosphere is full of light hope, warmth and faith.Is not high, no use vibrato, no tore heart crack lung, only simple arrangements and accompaniment, wonderful ethereal sound, unique sound and simple and gas, but the ashes after I of the suffering of the struggle, in the week you carefully in the song of the spotlight and stubbornness, twisted, complex, and even suffocation, tears,For the pain of the past, for this time of distress tears, but also for the future of hope with……In fact, I understand that maybe zhou’s interpretation is the best, is the real mirror can not be ignored, but still can not help but want to plead Zhou’s interpretation of a cheerful version.Zhou Shen’s mid and low tones are like a person who has gone through a cruel life but looks cold. He carefully conceals his heart’s expectations, grits his teeth and keeps pursuing his dream. This is the new song “Back to You” of the movie “Miracle · Stupid Children”.”There is a light…Guarding the darkness, swallowing all the uneasiness “, the only sentence, this sentence, like the feeling of old age but kind and gentle, all over the unguarded tear that was deliberately hidden pain and pain, pain can not speak, even stand instability, that is the pain of youth and struggle:After all, there are few and rare wonderful things in the world, and there are many ordinary living beings like you and me, struggling with all their might, still wrapped by the thick haze, guarding the darkness, swallowing all the anxiety alone.Like smoke, like fog, “Light…Stubborn…A warm;Let me come back to you “, jenga pushes forward like the sound of nature, the bright high pitch rising from the ground, will be the desire for a happy life, love with relatives, sing out, bring people the courage and strength to march forward.Chasing light, becoming light, emitting light, illuminating themselves and inspiring others, this is a striver unspeakable heart song.”Jump into…Go by the light, small also do not admit defeat.To find the answer that belongs to me “, Zhou Shen expresses his firm attitude of moving forward in a solid and heavy voice in the way of introspection: “Walk by the light, and do not admit defeat even though he is small”.The repressed song, finally get a trace of relief, not to let the listener suffocate and promote…”Chase the light and drive out the night;Stubborn, over the darkness;The door opened, a warm;Let me come back to you…Repeat, let me come back to you. “The light flickers in the distance, unpredictable, but comforting…By now, Zhou Shen is no longer singing, but as a friend, in sincere, over and over again to encourage the listener to “chase the light”.The flickering light in the far distance, not dazzling, not hot, it is leading, lighting, is hope.”Light…Stubborn…”May every striver and every light seeker fulfill their wishes as scheduled in the New Year.