2-1, at last!The La Liga giants exploded with a 17-year record of 12 + points in 4 rounds

2022-05-06 0 By

Atletico Madrid beat Cadiz 2-1 in the 28th round of La Liga, taking all three points.This service, Atletico is at a disadvantage on the field, the number of shots is not dominant, Suarez, Griezmann dumb fire.The Spanish giants secured a crucial victory thanks to goals from Felix and Depaulo.After this round, Atletico ushered in 4 straight wins, 12 points, secure the Champions League, Simeone’s team hot form, in the league and the Champions League double hope to keep alive.On the table, Atletico have a total of 51 points, the situation is optimistic.Atletico Madrid against Cadiz, the defending champions against relegation team, Simeone sent a 435 million euro starting, griezmann, Felix partner up front, midfield combination is koke, Depaulo, Herrera, and Suarez is standby.History shows atletico have not lost at home to Cadiz since 2005 and Simeone is confident enough to defend his side.Atletico broke the deadlock three minutes into the game when The Cadiz keeper made a mistake and Felix stole the ball in front and scored.La Liga giants blitz to take the lead, 1-0!It was the fourth time Felix had scored with lightning and the Portuguese genius came into form very quickly.Cadiz came back in the closing stages of the first half when Negredo headed past Oblak to make it 1-1.Atletico took the lead again in the 67th minute of the second half.At that time, la Liga giants cooperate in front, Correa shot was saved, Depaulo immediately followed up with a shot, atletico career la Liga first goal, the score made 2-1!Atletico got a red card in the 88th minute when substitute Xabi Serrano was sent off.In the end, Atletico 2-1 home victory cadiz, Simeone had the last laugh, a difficult victory.Depaul was named the best player in the post-game ratings.The stats showed atletico had only 46% possession to Cadiz’s 54%, with a shooting ratio of 6-14. The Spanish giants were underdogs across the board, but were better at holding the ball.After the game, Atletico set a record of 17 years, during the league against Cadiz, unbeaten.A 2-1, let Atletico ushered in the La Liga 4 straight wins, momentum is very strong.This season, the race for four places in La Liga is very tight, and the difference between the four teams is very small, to see who can emerge.