A stock rebound market at the time, pay attention to the Federal Reserve meeting next week

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Shanghai Composite Index (1) Wednesday, gem finally began to start up in the second half of the afternoon, the gem category of the small and medium cap themes (new energy vehicles, biological medicine, semiconductor technology) are showing a shock recovery process.And the Chinese liquor led the start of the shanghai-Shenzhen 300 and sse 50 turning point.(2) According to the tweet of the day before yesterday, the starting point and stopping point of decline of GEM are two days later than that of Shanghai Composite Index.(3) Keep in mind my two important predictions for this month. One is that the Shanghai Composite Index will rebound at 3519 points this month.Another is the gem rebound target this month at 3085 points.(4) 3519 points is the upper and lower box boundary of the CURRENT DAILY K line of Shanghai Composite Index. The current upper box range is characterized by the upper box. From December 13 to January 24, 2021, the Shanghai Composite Index is in a slow shock decline process.After Jan. 24, the Shanghai index went straight and fell rapidly.So this position is a position with a significant pressure level.(This position used to be a stage support level, but when it fell below an important support level, the market formed a rapid process of falling and breaking.) (5) Therefore, the rebound target of this month is expected to test the pressure level of this position.Long money will test the stress of this position.(6) Gem and SSE Index are judged in different ways.Gem judgment is based on the whole large level of K line structure to judge.Above the 3,085 level, the GEM has built the m-shaped double top area of the whole daily K-line for about eight months from May 17 last year to January 19 this year.(7) The position of 3085 is the lowest point of the m-type middle section of the double-top head box, which is also the neck line of the day K line.So this position is judged against this standard.(8) We should note that at this time, the a-share peripheral global market has been strengthening since the end of January during our Spring Festival holiday, and the current three major U.S. stock indexes (NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P 500) have formed A trend of recovery.And in the near term, the interconnection index obviously picked up, night disk continued to rise.Also led to the Hang Seng index and hang Seng technology index of the bottom up process.(9) At this stage, the a-share market is expected to continue to rise, and the next news node is next Thursday morning (February 17), the Federal Reserve will announce the results of this month’s interest rate meeting.From the arrival of the news, the market still exists 5 trading days.Conservative expectations of the a-share rebound structure is expected to continue for 3-5 trading days.During this period, the us stock market trend will be better.(10) To sum up, I think the first wave of short-term rebound should be paid attention to around February 17.2 PM to 2:30 PM each trading day can refer to my end of the long strategy, rational reference to my firm changes in the plan.Pass by, everybody spends 1 minute trouble to leave a speech below the long article of old unit, write a comment.Thank you old friends for your long-term praise and support, I will grow steadily and constantly improve myself.