Gold shovel shovel war: 95 run amok version, how to correct restraint, these methods try all works

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Golden battle spade spade fusion rimmon so fire causes a large part is chosen in this release and the existence of the ninth, especially zhou, in the current squad of the chicken game in the last 70% is the ninth, does not mean that all people rush to the men, and in the first place after arriving in nine people will find only turn the ninth can be more stable to eat chicken,So in the late game most of the game will turn 95, of course, there are certainly some people is running 95, they are in the early just to transition on nine, so in this 95 rampant version of which methods can be restrained?So it will take you to analyze the method of which restrain the ninth, the first is cast, because everybody knows the ninth belong to a team, in the late to nine people is the most basic conditions, and after to nine people can’t do without fault tolerance rate, the lowest also want two waves fault-tolerant rate, so we can play some of the former on the squad team, such as master in a duel,Basically if you go to duel Master, the pace of the entire team will be accelerated by you, because many people will have to search for cards to control your duel master if they want to win in a row, which will result in those players who play the nine-five lineup losing blood in the middle of the game will have to search for cards, so that their nine-five is basically hopeless.So this is the first kind of way, middle to take some very strong team force which play the ninth player search in advance, otherwise there will be a medium-term was carried away directly, not to mention the late turned the ninth, players who play and generally want to ninth in the prophase of the equipment and squad still cannot reach a another adapter, so you just disturb his rhythm,He’ll be forced to search for cards and not be able to move to another lineup to keep up health.And then there is a second approach, which is we have to turn the ninth, but remember that we have to play than what the ninth player earlier on to nine people, early also can use some stronger squad strength transition, as far as possible to ensure your health and winning streak at the same time improve the economy, so also convenient you better on nine,Secondly, we go up to nine population time must be faster than others, for example, you can use the economy to go up nine in advance, even if you can only search 30 dollars can also, only the first nine five players eat chicken rate is the largest.The third is to choose some can restrain the ninth squad, such as the inside of the current version on god, in the current version of luna can say that as long as not samsung five charges have force of the first world war, and the odds are high, you can say that even the purposeof dacheng nor dacheng month god opponent, because four urban Fiji ryukyu, damage is so terror, secondly the night shadow,Nine Kingdoms, can win 95% of the lineup, and like night Shadow, nine Kingdoms, compared to nine five, the gameplay is easier and better transition.And then there is the fourth kind of method, 4 kinds of methods is also a very good method, is mainly to the card, and we are not here to play the ninth, but play some like jade sword play, you this late in the night have a certain capability of team, and there is some to eat chicken rate squad, but we have to focus on what the ninth player to play,We try our best to card some five fee card, I believe we also know that there is a certain five fee card refresh probability in the eight population, so we directly keep the five fee card, so they play nine five will be difficult to shape.This is in view of the several methods based on the main, you use a light way may not be very good control based on, but you combine these methods can easily play the ninth, a lot of play the ninth in combined with the current version, they have certain inhibitory effect between each other, so when just version although strong men inside, but also reasonable to refrain from playing the ninth is not difficult,The above is this period to sum up a few dozen 95 methods, do not know how to look at it?