The Summer Palace after the first snow in the Year of the Tiger

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On the weekend of February 13, light to moderate snow lasted for a day.This is the first snow of the year of the Tiger 2022.The thick snow is like a large, super warm white quilt covering all the vehicles in the community.When I got up early in the morning, the weather was super good, so I decided to go to the Summer Palace to shoot the snow.Take subway Line 4, get off at Xiyuan Station, and enter the east gate of the Summer Palace before 11 o ‘clock.Enter from the east gate and come directly to the Garden of Harmony and interest.Today’s weather is really super good, snow/sunny garden of Harmony and interest/Zhiyu Bridge more beautiful scenery.But also super, super cold hands!Leave the garden of Harmony and interest, straight to the Kunming Lake zhichun Pavilion.Think about it, I haven’t been there for a long time since those big willow trees were cut down several years ago.Under the blue sky and white clouds, it looks so beautiful.Look at the ice. It’s white and spotless, cleaner than white paper.Really beautiful!At this time if there are a few polar bears on the ice, or ice pier pier, it can be very lively, ha ha ha!Leaving the Zhichun Pavilion…Due to the heavy snow yesterday, Buddha Incense Pavilion closed its doors, presumably for fear of tourists slipping and falling.The exquisite, classic Painting Middle Reaches scenic area is still closed for renovation, with a sign saying it will open in May.Alas, had to look far past……This is the first bridge over the West Embankment, the Boundary Lake Bridge.The chair in the distance is empty, very artistic conception?The picture below is also very artistic. I like it very much.The second Bridge of the West Dam: Bin Wind Bridge of the bin area have always liked this Pavilion bridge very much – I have to come here every time. I have to take several photos every time so that I am really happy and worthy of myself.Today, the weather is super good, the scenery is super beautiful.However, super frozen hands, especially on the west embankment of Kunming Lake, are extremely cold. Really, super super frozen hands!Freezing like a dog!In order to take photos, my hands often had to be taken out of the cotton gloves. My fingers on my right hand were slightly frostbitten.Hahaha!Every time you come to The Jade Belt Bridge, you have to take several pictures of it horizontally and horizontally before you stop.Come to mirror bridge, eight party double eaves save spire, novel shape quite ingenious, look all in all…This is the practice bridge, double eaves save pointed square bridge……When we arrived at Lian Qiao, the temperature was too low and it was too cold, so we went back along the west embankment.Come back to the Bin Bin Wind Bridge again…The child was playing with his parents when the zoom shot, the distant horizon of the Buddha Incense pavilion overhead a moon has risen…The two photos were taken in the same place, from the same Angle and at different times. The lighting effect is very beautiful.These two photos were also taken in the same place, from the same Angle and at different times. The lighting effect is still very beautiful.Turn up the brightness of the mobile phone, and the effect is very nice. I like the warm winter sun, the golden light and shadow, and the pure texture of white snow.It was 4:30 in the afternoon when I returned to the Lake Bridge again. The long shadow projected on the snow and the stone bridge piers was still very beautiful.The moon Bridge cave and the arch bridge can be seen in the distance. Today I spent six hours in the Summer Palace and enjoyed myself very much.It was freezing, but it was worth it.Buy two cakes as a treat for dinner.– the End —