Which province is Tianshui in

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China has a broad and profound Chinese culture, every character has a different connotation, tianshui many people feel the name is the meaning of the water of heaven, in fact, tianshui is a city name, tianshui just as its name, the city has a long history and culture, then let us together to learn about the city!Tianshui is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Gansu Province. It is the second largest city in the southeast of Gansu Province. The name “Tianshui” is derived from the beautiful legend of “Flooding the Tianhe River”.Tianshui city is a national historical and cultural city, as early as in BC Qin Wengong GUI in this set up on the county, from now on here becomes the silk Road under way and the battle for the place, Tianshui is the important birthplace of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation, enjoy xi Huang’s hometown, Wa Huang’s hometown, regulus honor.Tianshui city is a city of green mountains and water, known as the northwest “small Jiangnan” reputation, Tianshui city’s cultural monuments are many, including the Ground Bay site is a tourist must visit the place, there are a large number of preservation of early Neolithic age and Yangshao culture treasures.Tianshui city is beautiful, natural scenery is also extremely beautiful, maijishan scenic area, Quxi Scenic area, immortal cliff, Woniushan provincial forest Park and other scenic areas, maijishan scenic area has both the beauty of jiangnan water town and the majestic north mountains and rivers, is the ideal tourist resort.Tianshui has countless flavor food came to Tianshui you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also taste countless flavor food here, Tianshui pulp water is a local traditional pasta snacks, although it tastes sour, but can shengjin quench thirst, is one of the summer pasta must eat;Tianshui quack that is you must try, because quack in ancient times used to be the royal food in the palace, if you like to eat hot and sour, then Tianshui quack is a typical spicy snacks.Conclusion: Tianshui, a city with a long history, lives hard-working and simple people. When you come to Tianshui, you will feel the enthusiasm and unrestrained of tianshui people. You will definitely like this city with eight thousand years of history and culture.