Winter Olympics volunteer: Away from family, but also full of warmth

2022-05-06 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching, and for the post-00s volunteers working in more than 20 fields at the National Stadium, it will be their first time away from home for family reunion, reported.How do these young people spend the Spring Festival?The small home of volunteers at the National Stadium is decorated with fu characters, lanterns and a row of red tiger cubs.From a surprise connection with their families to a special Spring Festival gift — a custom watch themed for the Winter Olympics — these post-00s volunteers are spending the New Year like they’ve never had before in this makeshift home.The party is not over, Jia Junteng took his gift and video at the other end, is the Beijing-Zhang High-speed railway for the Winter Olympics train implementation security work of the father showed up.Jia junteng’s father is an ordinary employee of the Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing high-speed rail line. In the past few years, his father’s absence during the Spring Festival holiday has been a regular occurrence since the construction of the Olympic route began.This year, one side is to protect the winter Olympics train is still on duty in the father, while the other side is busy in the closed loop stadium with a variety of work xiao Jia, like Jia Junteng winter Olympics “father and son soldiers”, in the volunteer team is not uncommon.Despite the many differences during the Spring Festival, Jia junteng said he and his fellow volunteers did not feel lost and gained warmth they would never forget.Jia Junteng still remembers watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 14 years ago when he was 6 years old.Jia junteng said that although he could not compete for his country as an athlete, he regarded it as an honor to be a volunteer, just like winning a medal.Source: