“Exposure” urban area many residential corridor debris piles into pieces “praise” Huanghua stable community dumplings sent to the difficult residents

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Uncivilized behavior exposure urban area many residential corridor sundry piles into a piece recently, the reporter visited the urban area many residential areas, found that the corridor sundry accumulation phenomenon is serious, affecting the living environment of residents.4 units, tower 2, in the dormitory, SCM, the reporter sees the stairs on the ground floor and basement channel forming Angle, a lot of sundry, stacked placed in plastic bags, waste newspapers and books piled up together at random, shoebox, milk box packed in gap, there is a broken door inside the vertical, parked next to a bicycle.The reporter went to 2 building 2 unit, in the same position, the reporter found here stacked a large number of cardboard boxes, flower POTS, bricks and other sundries, and adjacent to this pile of sundries is the unit building electricity meter box.In the urban mobile community building 2 unit 4, the reporter found in the basement of the corner of the passage, placed waste wood, waste bicycle, paint bucket and other debris, the whole corner filled up.On the east side of the door of unit 1, Building 2 of the urban Fifth Ring dormitory building, there are garbage such as beer bottles, cardboard boxes and empty oil drums, beside which there is an electric car charging line stretching out from the window of the second floor.In the western part of the center, the accumulation of debris is very serious.The reporter came to the basement of unit 4 of building 3 in the West Area, and saw a large number of waste wood boards, plastic bags, woven bags and other garbage on the corner.This is the case in unit 2 and Unit 3.At the base of the westernmost wall of building 17, a large number of sundries are piled up. The whole space is filled with sundries such as old thermos POTS and beer bottles.And next to the pile of debris, there is an electric bike charging cable.Recently, Huanghua Hua east street office of the anding community staff will be hot dumplings to the area of difficulty residents.On the same day, in the anding community activity center, community workers cut vegetables, mix stuffing, mix noodles, make dumplings, division of labor orderly.We chatted while making dumplings.Afterward, community workers and volunteers delivered the dumplings to the homes of needy residents in the area.Correspondent Gao Qing reporter Ma Xiaotong source: Cangzhou Evening News point share point collection