List announced!Five schools in Xiamen listed as “Double First-class”

2022-05-07 0 By

The education department of Fujian province released a list of the first batch of demonstrative high schools in Fujian last night, including 30 in the province and 5 in Xiamen.The five high schools in Xiamen to be recognized as the first batch of demonstration high schools in Fujian province are: Xiamen No. 1 Middle School, Xiamen Double 10 Middle School, Xiamen Foreign Language School, Xiamen No. 6 Middle School and Xiamen Jimei Middle School.According to the provincial Department of Education, the publicity period is from February 10, 2022 to February 16, 2022.What is provincial demonstrative common high school?Provincial demonstrative ordinary high school, known as high school version of the “double top”, formed words, is “the fighter jet of the rooster” — was the highest level of average high school is a provincial level standard of high school, but the provincial standard high school is now very popular, and therefore richer in greatly reduced, started around the model construction and evaluation of ordinary high school.Provincial demonstration of ordinary high schools, must first go through construction, evaluation after confirmation.A few years ago, Fujian province announced the construction of the first batch of demonstration ordinary high schools in Fujian province, a total of 44 schools, these schools after four years (2018 to 2021) construction, select about 35 “Fujian province’s first batch of demonstration ordinary high schools.”The 30 schools announced yesterday are to be confirmed as the first batch of demonstrative ordinary high schools in Fujian Province.In contrast to a list of construction schools from four years ago, 14 schools have failed, meaning they were originally construction schools but were not rated.The provincial Education department previously said that the demonstration ordinary high school is not lying on the ground, but to try to build, external radiation, to drive more high school quality characteristics development.According to the report, the schools that failed to be selected can apply for demonstration high schools after construction.Yesterday, the provincial Department of Education also announced the second batch of 15 provincial demonstrative ordinary high school construction school list, including xiamen 2.After four years of construction (2022 to 2025) and passing the evaluation, they will be recognized as “model ordinary high schools.”There are 15 schools in the second batch, of which two schools in Xiamen were selected, namely The Science and Technology Middle School affiliated to Xiamen University and xiamen Experimental Middle School.(She Zheng, Xiamen Daily)