Passenger association: young people less influence the long-term development of the car market, should encourage marriage car purchase tax exemption

2022-05-07 0 By

Beijing News Kai Financial News (reporter Song Meilu) February 14, the Passenger car association released a report on the passenger car market in January, said that in 2021, personalized travel growth is rapid, but young people bring worries about the long-term development of the car market, so the current growth of the car market mainly depends on consumption upgrade, and the popularization of private car consumption has encountered a bottleneck.The association suggests that in a world with fewer children, couples should be encouraged to buy cars without paying the tax.It is suggested that at the same time of issuing the certificate by civil affairs departments, certain consumption vouchers and tax exemptions should be given to people who get married for the first time. The expenses should be borne by the central and local governments, so as to guide the society and encourage consumption.Beijing News Shell financial reporter Song Meilu editor Fang Jingyi proofread Li Ming