Responsible “emergency person” Spring Festival scenery

2022-05-07 0 By

The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion and relaxation.When the people of the city happily celebrate the New Year, there is always a group of people, they sacrificed the time of reunion with their families, still silently stick to, dedication in the work, for the citizens to spend a happy and peaceful, safe and orderly New Year escort.”Feed!Niang, this year’s New Year and can not go back, on the video New Year!”Wu Haijun, vice captain of the Haidian District Emergency Management Bureau’s comprehensive law enforcement brigade, has not been able to go home for the New Year for the third year.He said that although he was a little disappointed, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim, and the Spring Festival is also a critical period for safety management with the Winter Olympics.”As an emergency one, the other people busy holiday, we observe a festival, especially in recent years, all kinds of big events, important events are frequent, for the sake of jurisdiction the Christmas holidays, to ensure that the activities smoothly, as party members and cadres, can only use” stick to “vigorously promotes the safe production responsibility implementation during the Spring Festival, with” bear “to ensure that people’s lives and property safety.””Wu Haijun said.During the interview, the reporter learned that during the Spring Festival, the staff of haidian District Emergency Management Bureau strictly implemented the combat readiness system, stuck to their posts, devoted themselves to combat readiness and did their best to complete the work safety inspection tasks during the festival.On the fourth day of the New Year, reporters followed a group of people to the fangyuan building located on the east side of the capital gymnasium. After sweeping the code and entering the building, the Navy has inspected the emergency plan, warning signs, evacuation channels and other key parts.”During the Spring Festival, we continued to carry out safety inspections and dynamic inspections in key areas, collecting and dynamically updating information about potential safety risks in real time, implementing various governance measures to ensure that the rectification of potential safety risks is in place;We will give full play to the comprehensive supervision function of work safety, organize relevant departments, streets and towns to carry out joint inspections, urge industries and localities to fulfill their safety supervision responsibilities, build an all-dimensional safety net, and ensure that there are no blind spots in safety supervision.”Wu Haijun.On the way back to the bureau, Wu Haijun told reporters: “This is the Spring Festival of emergency people, full and with regret.Our Spring Festival is to work hard for everyone to have a good Spring Festival.During the holidays, it is enough to do extraordinary things at ordinary tasks.”(Photo by Li Yimingwen)