The meaning of life is to be happy and bring happiness to others

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A person, to be happy, in fact, is very simple, just need to put down the troubles, there is no feast, good things will come to trouble can go, peace, health and happiness love!Good morning, hello;Past things are past tense.Put in the heart will only torture yourself!Oneself mood big good 66 66, changed a whole day or returned, enjoy oneself not yihu.”Jinjin sweet auspicious” : wish you “week billion days ankang”!This is the meaning of my life.What setbacks, also can not defeat me: continue to update the study blessing on!Do not give up, do not give in, only alive meaningful, this scenery, alone good!”Ji Zhigra” nuo: hello life peace!The most important is, my mood is very good, time flies, where there will be idle time, used to worry!The year of the bull has become the past!Tiger Tiger alive!Is an benmingnian, should do!Thank you to meet, hello, also love to send blessing emoticons!”Friends have the blessing of the Jubilee”!Is my dream this year!In order to realize this little dream, only with the time, do their favorite thing to do, do what they can do, do their own next, maybe a little better!