Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hangzhou Ice Rink: He participated in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, after retiring from the foot injury, he passed on his dream of figure skating to his children (2)

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Liu Qiaoyan, reporter of Qianjiang Evening News and Hour News, could hardly tell from Li Yunfei’s current figure that he was once a figure skater.On the ice, dressed all in black and with a megaphone slung across his back, Mr. Li rarely demonstrated difficult moves.To the music, students curve backwards on the ice, arms outstretched, as gracefully as possible.To the training are girls, so large ice will be some of Li Yunfei’s strong figure set off particularly conspicuous.Yunfei Li has been asked the same question many times, “Are there still boys in figure skating?”Every time, Li Yunfei is very serious answer, not only have, for boys, this is a bloody sports project.A broken ankle ended Li yunfei’s career.Still, Li considers himself lucky enough to have more people see the projects he once loved and to have a steady income as a business coach.Li Yunfei felt that he was created by The Times, even after nearly 20 years of retirement, the body is still jumping the heart of boxing for the country.Li Yunfei (right) at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.Before the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Li yunfei’s wife Sun Siyin was selected by the Olympic Organizing Committee to participate in related work.Former figure skater Sun Siyin volunteered to be an NTO (technical officer) at the track so her three-and-a-half-year-old son could be cared for at home.Li Yunfei stayed in Hangzhou and watched the Winter Olympics with his son holding the “Bing Dwen Dwen” that his wife sent back from Beijing.After 20 years of teaching “stupid Kids”, Li Yunfei summed up a rule — those who can persist in the end are often the children who are not highly gifted.They work harder and spend more time on the ice, just like they used to.In terms of talent, Li yunfei considers himself the worst.At that time, I was always at the bottom of the pile, either in the sports school or the provincial team.While other children could easily complete quadruple jumps, Li yunfei could not practice at all. It took him a year to catch up with other children.In 1980s China, if you asked a kid from a poor family what motivated him to keep playing professional sports, he would most likely not say how much he loved it, or how much he wanted to challenge himself, but how much he made money to support himself.Li yunfei comes from such a family.Li yunfei’s mother was injured in a factory accident and became a paraplegic. His father also had a meager salary.Li Yunfei, then less than eight years old, set a small goal in his mind — to make money and treat his mother.Li was introduced to figure skating because his neighbor had skates and the nearest outdoor rink was only a few stops away.At that time, there were no layers of competition and standards. It only took luck and persistence to be seen by the first coach, who let Li yunfei enter the provincial team.Li Yunfei as an athlete.”I was skating on the rink with a group of kids, and then I lost most of them, and then I was the only kid in my area.The coach said, send this kid to a sports school.”Li Yunfei recalled.In 1987, Li yunfei was selected to the provincial sports team because of his excellent performance.Because not full 18 years old, as preparation team member, Li Yunfei’s salary is 18 pieces of 50 cents, a huge sum of money.Li sends the money home every month, because the team gets everything from a cotton suit, a tracksuit, two pairs of sneakers, a pair of skates, training clothes to wear on the court and soap to wash your face.Li yunfei considers himself extremely happy, especially on the few days a year when neighbors, family and friends stop by to admire li’s achievements.”I am the pride of my family.”Li Yunfei regrets.It is normal for ice and snow athletes to spend the New Year away from their families.Winter sports events are held in winter, and it is common for foreigners not to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As a result, most events are arranged around the Spring Festival, so Li Yunfei spends almost every Spring Festival in various competitions abroad.At the time of the 1993 World Youth Championships, Li was just 14 years old. He was selected as a regular member of the provincial team and his salary was raised to 245 yuan a month.It was at that time that Li Yunfei knew that it was an extravagant hope to make money to treat his mother. Even if he earned more, he could not cover the medical expenses of his paraplegic mother.But Li has fallen completely in love with the sport.Compared with the race against time in speed skating, the blood of figure skating lies in continuous innovation and breakthrough, which is more like the upgrade of fighting monsters in the game.Li Yunfei as an athlete.Li yunfei lives a very simple life. When training on ice, she only thinks about how to do this movement better and more beautiful, which is the most beautiful part of figure skating.Li yunfei thinks that when a person dances on the ice, when he performs with the perfect combination of strength and skill, the ice is also a big stage under the spotlight.After successfully entering the national team, many of the referees on the Venue of the Winter Olympics are li yunfei’s former teammates, including shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, the current leading figures in Chinese figure skating.Players come and go in the national team, but the coach remains the same.Li Yunfei remembered the coach once joked that they did not have so much passion when training, “we every day to the three coaches, which to their passion?”Li yunfei laughed.Li yunfei says so, but he doesn’t do it.The 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games, is li Yunfei’s first competition, but unexpectedly, this is his last dance in the competition.Knowing ankle fracture, Li Yunfei still insisted on playing the closed field.”I knew before I went on the court that maybe after this, my career would be over, but I still wanted to sprint.”Li Yunfei recalled.On the court, Li fell again and again, got up to finish the move, and fell again.By the end, Li’s white training uniform was stained red with a nosebleed from altitude sickness and his feet were too swollen to take off his skates.Li Yunfei sat in a wheelchair was escorted all the way to the medical room, in the face of security guards surprised eyes, he also did not forget to explain to people – not not line, just altitude reaction, don’t be nervous.That Spring Festival, for a variety of reasons, Li yunfei did not have a bite of dumplings.There are regrets, but more relief.At that time, the next short track speed skating team deliberately to Li Yunfei “Versailles”, they said took the MEDALS can use skating team earn bonuses to eat dinner, Li Yunfei they pretended to be angry, one side of her long hair – in athletes, only skating projects can dress up a little, less strict management of the boy’s hair.Ice and snow athletes are so happy in the bitter, with toughness and indomitable, try their best to complete the task given by the motherland.After the “Hangzhou 11″ Winter Olympics, Li Yunfei retired due to injury.Six shutdowns left li with permanent injuries to his feet, and he could hardly perform any difficult moves, but he still loved ice and became a business coach, traveling from rink to rink to pass on the dream of figure skating to the next generation of children.From Beijing to Shanghai and finally to Hangzhou, Li yunfei put down roots here, married sun Siyin, a former National Games figure skating champion, and made her home in Hangzhou.Yunfei Li and his wife.A blinding eye, Li Yunfei to Hangzhou has been 11 years.”When the rink was built, many southerners came to see it every day.Li yunfei recalled, however, that the ice rink soon returned to the normal flow of people after a period of hanger wind.As a coach, Li yunfei could only teach the most basic moves at first because few people in Hangzhou knew about figure skating.”At that time, it was to open up land for cultivation.I remember someone saying to me, ‘Coach, I don’t want to learn figure skating. I saw two people fighting with a stick, and I thought figure skating was violent.'” Li yunfei was speechless. “That’s hockey.”Some people think the skates aren’t long enough to look cool.Li yunfei replied, “That’s a speed skating skate.”A long period of basic teaching, so that Li Yunfei has some discouraged.Li yunfei would like to have students who can stick to it and enter the relatively advanced training stage.”Skating is actually related to the level of economic development. Hangzhou has developed well in recent years, so more people are willing to learn.”‘The families in the south who can stick to figure skating are definitely not the most ordinary wage earners,’ Ms. Li said. ‘The sport requires a lot of parental energy and financial resources.'”It’s impossible for a coach to teach you one-on-one. You need parents to watch a video and watch the action. Basically, parents become semi-experts.”Li yunfei said.Now, Li is most proud of his student Wang Peijia, who is the only one in Zhejiang province who can complete the double axel dance and has won the second-class athlete certificate.Li yunfei feels that he is a group of people created by The Times.Most of my teammates, who joined the national team together, are still doing what they love, and some of them are still coaching the national team.In this year’s Winter Olympics venue, Li Yunfei saw many familiar faces, across the screen, Li Yunfei can feel the Spirit of the Chinese team.Of course, another advantage of having acquaintances is that it is easier to buy bingdwen dwen.Li Yunfei’s lover once sent his teammates four “ice dun dun”, he left a, and his son, holding the “ice dun dun” to keep the Winter Olympics New Year.Yunfei Li and his son.Li yunfei’s three-and-a-half-year-old son has also inherited his parents’ talent and loves skating since childhood.Li Yunfei took him to the ice rink, so that the child born in the south, also can grow up in the ice sports.”I now have a full life, a small house and a stable job, and that’s enough.”Li yunfei’s biggest wish now is for the Chinese athletes to get good results while waiting for their loved ones to return home from the Olympic Village.