Defrosted meat do not soak in water, learn the correct way to defrost, 5 minutes to do, nutrition does not lose

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Nowadays, the society is developing better and better, and what it pays attention to is speed and speed. Especially for young people, they are busy with work at ordinary times, but also devote their time to entertainment, games and social activities when they are not busy.If you want to cook for yourself, wait until the weekend is over and buy all the ingredients from the previous week, especially meat.Now kitchen appliances are also more popular, every family basically has a refrigerator, the bought food ingredients are frozen in the refrigerator.Although convenient, but everyone is inevitable, to encounter such a problem, is to eat, some meat may be frozen too hard, not good to open, how to do?Many families should put the meat into the water first, or if it is a little more anxious, it is directly scalded with boiling water.But that can only defrost the outer layers of meat, and doing so can make the meat even softer, less flavorful, and potentially lose nutrients.So no matter what kind of meat we defrost, can not soak in water, aunt restaurant chef taught me a trick, three minutes to fix, the key is not lost nutrition, the following to learn with me about specific practices.If you have a microwave at home, don’t think it can only heat food. It can also be used to defrost meat.For example, some microwave ovens may be more convenient, directly set above the defrost block button, and then put frozen meat into defrost can be.If there is no such function of the microwave oven, we can adjust the position of the button small firepower, generally speaking, two or three minutes can be thawed out, very convenient.Defrosting meat in this way also avoids nutrient loss and keeps the meat fresh and tender.2, aluminum thawing I put the frozen meat out, first into a large aluminum basin, and then use a small aluminum basin at the bottom of the pressure on the meat, into the right amount of water, so that you can suppress the meat, the use of aluminum basin thermal conductivity to absorb the heat around, so that can also play the role of defrosting meat.3, tap water to thaw this way will be more better than cold water defrost meat, meat or soak in cold water, but we will turn on the tap to tap water continuously added in the basin, because the tap water has been flowing, can avoid bacteria breeding, so thawed meat taste will be better.Remember to thaw with plastic wrap, but this method also has disadvantages, is relatively time-consuming, about an hour to thaw completely, and also very water consumption.Summary: These are my three ways to defrost meat. In fact, the best way is to let meat defrost naturally at room temperature.When we want to eat meat in the future, we can take it out and let it melt at room temperature.Any of the above three methods is very convenient and relatively simple.Do not know what we have a good defrost method?Leave me a comment in the comments section.If you want to learn more about eating King, check out eating King