Start of spring and winter Olympics meet, wish to have a good beginning!

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See Dujiangyan ID: Youjiandjy in the park city closest to the snow mountain, see dujiangyan all good……Looking forward to, looking forward to the east wind coming the footsteps of spring near © Shuilingmei today at 4:51 we ushered in the first solar term of the 24 spring map © vision China winter comes to spring, Yang and Awakening of Insects is the beginning of all things, all the meaning of the new cycle, has quietly opened © Shuilingmei folk clouds,Spring begins three wait a wait of dongfeng two hou zhi starting vibration three hou fish insect negative ice thawing dongfeng strokes accompanied ancient weir are crowded mountains and rivers gradually after a long cold winter dormant flower-and-bird insect fish feel the warmth of spring has started to breathe the breath of spring figure © Liu Xiangqiong this season dujiangyan earth color also gradually colorful vegetation incipience, cuttlefish pregnant bud from bank yellow gold LiuRui,Red dense flower branches attractive scenery slowly into view © Deng Qing “Spring has returned, see beauty head, curl spring flags” “east wind blowing mei Snow, overnight save the world spring” “green willow eye plum blossom face, only dye Yang and will be different” “vegetation for a business move, Guanhe Wanli frozen cloud open”…No matter vegetation, animals, or people, spring is a beautiful beginning of spring © Wang Qingxin. There is a folk custom of “biting spring” at the beginning of spring. Eating spring cakes at the beginning of spring is a good wish for people to “make a year’s plan in spring”.The weather gets warmer but also to meet “pollen” to be continued clothes slowly, the body often exercise for storing energy in the New Year figure © mgla123 spring begins today coincides with the Beijing Olympics wish the Olympic athletes’ success on the field figure © chengdu melting snow world may we not spring, not his figure © friendship small make up according to:The new cycle has begun. May you encounter more beautiful things in Dujiangyan.(Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Shui Lingmei, Liu Xiangqiong, Deng Qing, Wang Qingxin, Aya, MGLA123, etc.) Supervisor: Publicity Department of The CPC Dujiangyan Municipal Committee Hosted by: Dujiangyan Network Information Center Dujiangyan Rong Media Center Responsible editor: Dong Liu, Dai Yang Duty editor: Zhou Hongyan