Yang Chun Xue xue: a rare collection of poems of the Southern Song Dynasty

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The content of this article comes from the official number: the original Canon of ancient books “Yangchun Snow” by the Southern Song Dynasty Zhao Wenli selected.The book is divided into eight volumes and the other one, with a total of 671 ci poems and more than 230 writers. The first three volumes are mostly ci poems of the Northern Song Dynasty, while the following four volumes are mostly ci poems of the Southern Song Dynasty.The collection of eight volumes are selected by graceful and graceful, elegant is the main works, the collection of zhang Yuangan, Xin Qiji, Liu Guo and other heroic and solemn works.This is: During the Period of the Republic of China, the Palace Museum commissioned the Commercial Press to photocopy the copy of the old banknotes collected by the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing Wan Committee.Most of the ci writers selected in Yangchun White Snow are from the Southern Song Dynasty, but few from the Northern Song Dynasty.The book was not widely circulated. In the early Qing Dynasty, Zhu Yizun compiled Ci Zong and Shen Chenyuan compiled Poems in the Past Dynasties, but none of them were recorded.In the Song dynasty, ci poetry came out the last, and many works were written by people who did not know the name.Chen Zhensun in the Southern Song Dynasty mentioned that zhao Wenli’s operation criterion for selecting Yangchunbai Snow was “taking the remaining and approachable words from Caotang Poetry.”Many ci works only rely on this biography, so it is often an important data for the collection of ci works.About the book: The Palace Museum commissioned the commercial Press to print the original book, with a leaf center 19 cm high and 15 cm wide, covered with the copyright seal of the National Palace Museum of Beijing.Frame 19x15cm, seal: Treasure of Imperial Appreciation of Jiaqing, copyright seal of National Palace Museum of Peiping.Zhao Wenli (born around 1247 AD) was born in Linpu (now Puxian County, Shandong Province). His courtesy name was Lizhi, his surname was Zhengzhi, his courtesy name was Cuifu, and his literary name was Diaoyue.About li Zong Chunyou in the song dynasty before and after the living, once the official Xu kou zheng, with poems to pay homage to Cheng Gongxu in Shu.Chun You years swim in Lin ‘an, and all corners of the country poet Ding Mo, Lin Biao people sing harmony.Zhao Wenli compiled “Spring snow” eight volumes, “catch the moon set”, the word wind tends to qingli Shu Xu, lingering euphemism way.———————————————— The information of rare Chinese ancient books introduced above is kindly provided by yuan Dian Ji Book Company.Learn more about the overseas collection of rare Chinese books, customized rare ancient books, Chinese ancient painting high copy copies, can pay attention to, collect Confucius old books online shop: Yuan Dian Ji Book Company.If need to publish individual book, welcome everybody comment, private letter consultation.