A sea of ancient books and a gradual progression of 338

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“Tao Te Ching” (1) The world is not weak than water, and the strong mo can win, because it is not easy.Weak is stronger than strong, soft is stronger, the world does not know, do not.The sage said, “To be corrupted (gou) is to be the Lord of the nation;He is the king of the world.A right word is a wrong word.Nothing in the world is more weak than water, and nothing can beat water.Weakness is better than strength, softness than strength. Everyone in the world knows this, but no one can do it.Therefore, the sage of The Dao said, “Only by bearing the humiliation of the whole country can one become the king of the whole country; only by bearing the calamity of the whole country can one become the king of the whole world.”Positive words are like the opposite.The content of this chapter is divided into two parts: the first part tells the truth that the weak is better than the strong.If a man can bear the dirt and foreboding of his country, he will become the ruler of his country.This chapter takes water as an example to illustrate the fact that weak can win strong and soft can win strong.This chapter can be read in connection with chapter eight, which says, “Water benefits all things without conflict.”Laozi’s example of water is common in People’s Daily life.Water is the weakest, but weak water can penetrate hard rock.Water is weak on the surface, but it has a power that no force can resist.This clearly shows that what Laotse says is weak and weak is not what people usually mean by weak and weak.Here, because of the tendency to be inferior, so Lao Tzu elucidated the concept of humble humiliation, in fact, but can maintain a high position, with a strong strength.There is a sentence at the end of this chapter: “Just saying is like opposing”, which summarizes Lao Zi’s dialectic thought, and its meaning is very profound and rich.About “weak than strong”, the first is reflected in their own body, their own weak than their strong part.Self – restraint can contain their own temper, which is weak than strong.Therefore, “the weak wins the strong”, we should not think about outdoing others, but try to practice it on our own first. When the hardness and softness come together, we will naturally feel happy and harmonious externally, neither humble nor pushy.At this time, people are naturally modest, is peaceful, from strength to wisdom courage transformation.At this time, to say that the weak is stronger than the strong, just have a foundation, not empty talk, not “weak to avoid the strong”, negative escape is not the way.In this chapter, Lao Tzu once again uses the word “water” to say that softness conquers strength and weakness conquers strength, and elucidates the concept of inferiority and humiliation.After the “cloud of saints” comes the focus of this chapter, which is the prophetic deliverance of man.Read these two sentences, laozi to the king’s teachings.Tell the king to bear and bear.But there is a problem of competence.Can any king’s level ability bear “the dirt of the country, the evil of the country”?Of course, whether or not you can handle it, it is better than irresponsible excuses.But that’s not my point.Combined with the next chapter, it can be seen more clearly that this is a salvation plan of heaven to man.He meant: The Lord of the state will come to suffer the dirt of the state, and the king of the world will suffer the evil of the state.