Lakers strong and weak?No one wants to meet James in the playoffs, with pundits praising him as better than Michael Jordan

2022-05-09 0 By

This season the lakers have one of the best paper the league team, the team looks very strong, but disappointing is the only of its record in the west, James today is because of a knee injury so missed the game, the team now looks on both ends are not formed good effectiveness, but the lakers really is hollow?That’s not the case.From the preseason lakers have injuries, not only is the role players were slain, even James and heavy eyebrows in a truce, there is a huge defect in terms of the lineup, so poor record was understandable, nunn team so far still in the midst of a truce, and from the players from the team structure and characteristics, this team can succeed completely offensive and defensive team,On the perimeter, Bradley and Stanley Johnson are defensive guys, Bazemore off the bench is a good defender, and In the paint, Derek Davis and Dwight Howard are some of the best rim protectors in the league.And offense, monk and doc rivers on the perimeter offense is pretty good, the ball has less, strike a James almighty god of war and call center is a good, heavy eyebrows insider attack is also a top league, master huo and small Jordan to eat the bread of ability is also very difficult, so in these respects the lakers has the strength and any team, but now due to injury is too much,There is a serious lack of consistency in the team, which is why we are in this situation.And who would want to meet Lebron in the playoffs?No team is willing to do that, the Clippers even deliberately lost to avoid the Lakers last season is the best example, and today, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins said that James is a better player than Jordan, he can dominate at any time.So where do you think the Lakers will end up in the regular season?