Teacher Yunzhu shared the chrysanthemum wolfberry tea to nourish liver and blood

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Chrysanthemum wolfberry tea spring liver qi hair, often easy to irascibility wang, recommend to drink chrysanthemum wolfberry tea to help reduce fire.Chrysanthemum has the function of dispersing wind and cooling, qinggan and mingmu. Wolfberry is rich in vitamin A, which can nourish Yin and blood and benefit smart eyes.Both cooked together, not only can dissipate wind, clear heat, detoxification, but also can tonify kidney and essence, nourish liver and clear eyes.Wolfberry chrysanthemum tea practice: wolfberry 5 grams, 5 grams of chrysanthemum.Boiling water, instead of tea, can be added according to the taste of rock sugar.Efficacy: clear the liver, clear the fire, nourish the liver and clear the eyes, relieve dry eyes and astringency.Note: Chrysanthemum cold, body weak people should not drink more;Goji berries have a very good tonic effect, but is a cold fever, moisture heavy people are best not to eat.# Yunzhu health preservation #