“Yongji Museum Cloud Exhibition Hall” yellow-brown glaze luyan figure tiger pillow

2022-05-09 0 By

Yellow-brown glaze Luyan figure tiger pillow, Jin Dynasty, 10.5 cm high, pillow surface length 34 cm, 13.4 cm wide, the embryo was maroon, hard, applied makeup soil, is now collected in Hebei Museum.Pillow is in the shape of a crouching tiger, one end of the plastic tiger head, the other end of the tail, the tiger as pillow body, the back of the tiger as pillow surface.The tiger’s eyes are wide open and its forelimbs are under its jaws.The body of the tiger is painted with ochre yellow glaze, and the pupils and brow bones are dotted with brown color and the markings of the fur are outlined.Pillow surface with double lines to hook out the border, drawing luyan map.Two wild geese flying side by side with reed leaves in their mouths, the picture is vivid and concise.At the bottom, there are eleven characters of “Tai he Wu Nian Wu yue Qi Kou kou”, which is very precious and accurate.It is now collected in Hebei Museum.