Are you the same as me, with stubborn not to surrender

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In 2018, the fifth Personality was released. When I first came into contact with it, I felt I couldn’t stop. Under the Gothic style, the suspenseful and brain-burning plot and team fighting were all addictive.What impressed the most in the new edition was that when the familiar melody started and the heart thumped, the supervisor was one step away from himself. Should he hide or attack?It’s been a long time since I’ve encountered this kind of confusion.When we first get into the game, we always have the same confusion. We can’t remember where we’re going, we don’t know where our friends are.I don’t know when the regulators will suddenly show up, and in this helpless situation, I feel a little helpless until I see the yellow radio guide.It is, after all, a guide to survival.So he hurried off to decrypt the computer, scrambling to find out what was going on, wondering if the regulator would be around.It is hard to calibrate 100 per cent correctly in the heat of the moment.Even when decrypting, they have to look around to see where they can evade regulators quickly.Regulators, for some reason, have a natural fear of regulators, akin to the fear of being caught stealing candy when you go to bed as a child.While tasting the sweetness in his mouth, he was mentally focused in case his parents would intrude.This is something that you can only experience when you focus on the game, when you focus on role-playing.For a novice player like me, it’s impossible to tease, or even tease, regulators and avoid them.The image of the regulator is also scary, always walking quickly towards people with a sledgehammer. When a timid person like me sees him walking towards me, his psychological defense has long been broken and he doesn’t know where to run.Every time I avoid the regulators, I find a quiet place to take a breath and think about which direction I want to go next.It is always dark and misty scenes, the inner fear, the depressing sense of time and space scenes and background music perfectly create a suffocating atmosphere.I wanted to get out of here as fast as I could, but I also wanted to stay and tease the regulators.As long as the supervisor did nothing, the joy in my heart arose spontaneously, as if I was a hero and defeated the whole world.Perhaps this is the charm of the game, and the charm of the fifth Personality.It always sneaks you into the scene, and it makes you leave all the unhappiness in your life behind and throw yourself into the fight.Because if you get distracted, you’ll be caught by the regulators, and you’re not alone.Black Jack mode Every time at this time, I have a natural sense of responsibility, driving myself to take the initiative to deal with emergencies, to save teammates within the scope of my ability, to learn responsibility and responsibility.Not every game feels so deep, and I’ve always been averse to overly festive games, which throw away their superficial pleasure and become tasteless after tasting.In the fifth Personality, I found that the creepy environment and music were just the surface, while in this competitive game, the theme was unity and cooperation.In this game, only the regulator is the enemy, and everyone else is the partner, and everyone helps each other to win together, which is the core of the game.Overcome inner fear, learn to maintain stability in the difficult situation, maintain a calm state of mind, which is also a very necessary psychological state in real life and work, not to like things, not to their own sorrow, always so calm, to face life at any time the unexpected situation.Their biggest fear is not how big the supervisor is or how many weapons he has.But the self is not sure, if the lack of self, then the game, I am afraid it is difficult to win.In this game, every time my teammates leave and I am the only one left, the system will pop up whether to admit defeat?We will all continue to fight without hesitation.In my values, this is a battle for dignity, and I will fight to the end.Whenever at this time, my mind always flash MAO not easy “into the sea” that lyrics: are you like me, with stubborn do not surrender?The fifth Personality is such a game that makes people find some places in the virtual world with the same frequency as the real world, which inadvertently gives people a great touch and comfort.Until the appearance of the new Edition, my feelings are still so deep.Due to the reasons of work and life, it has been difficult to have a lot of time to taste the happiness of the game.But when you’re free, you turn on your fifth personality.Friends who used to play games together are busy with their daily lives, so it is difficult to get together to play.It’s only during the Spring Festival holidays that people get together and play with their Fifth Personality.Enter the game, all people will restore the past spirit, forget the hardships and pain of life, everyone rub their hands, constantly discuss countermeasures.Until now, the game has been updated a lot, in addition to the original 4VS1, the addition of joint hunting, 8vS2 battles.In the dark scene, I like the crowd the most, 8 companions together against 2 supervisors, feel the odds are good, joint hunting is started after 16:00 every day.Nightmare shadow this new gameplay, from the text, like the game to bring people fear, but in fact not scary.It’s six people racing together at Moon River Park to see who can finish two laps first.Is I think the most brainless game, but also a game for the Spring Festival.What I find most innovative is the Black Jack mode.The added fun is that the overseer and survivor can be swapped at any time, depending on the cards in your hand. Once you pass blackjack, you are eliminated, and as long as you have the highest number of cards in your hand, you become overseer.With the maximum points, the overseer can satisfy the player’s desire to be both overseer and survivor, flexible and changeable.When I see myself in the role I used to be most afraid of, tracking down survivors, all of a sudden, for a moment, the fear of the regulators has largely disappeared.In fact, I feel that being a regulator is actually very lonely. It looks powerful on the surface, but in fact it is not so omnipotent.Sometimes you run a long lap after a survivor, but you get nothing.The role of regulator, anyway, is not a pleasant one, and I’m not keen on it. I prefer to work hand in hand with my partners in a noisy way.Write at the end: The fifth Personality is such a mobile game, the game is not complex, but to continue to achieve success, it is a team collaboration and continuous efforts.The gothic style, the dark graphics, and the genius of the screenwriter, all seem to be the epitome of the real world.Everyone’s heart, perhaps there is a dark bar, in this nightmare like fear, we must be brave to break through, do not easily surrender, to escape.