Sima Nan stepped on the brakes and threw the horse fans into the pit of fire

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01 Sima Nan see good, quickly stepped on the brakes Sima Nan finally tasted in the democratic legal society, only by hearsay news is not the association of Willow kicked into prison and famous Chinese, because “Lang Xianping era”, has ceased to exist, at that time, the legal system is not sound;Today is not the era when he reported “Pan Renmei” ten years ago, because the Party and the government have a more comprehensive understanding of the soE share reform…However, he was still in the stillness of the eyes to find “speculation”, so, he “steal meters and costly”, were mixed, both rose by fans, because of the lie is also lose credibility, and he struggled to “strong” more than three months, if lie cannot justify more again, see shelling lenovo can wait not to expect good results, so he slams on the brakes, reversed direction,To talk about something else, to take refuge abroad, while his millions of fans are left to burn in a fiery pit…A netizen left a comment after my article: “Mr. Sima Nan insisted on justice. He has solid evidence to prove that the association of willows caused the loss of state capital.”But Sima Nan said in a video: “I don’t have my own opinion. It’s all from the Internet. I have no evidence.”Mr SiMaNa said there was no evidence, and the net friend said he has a hard evidence, it is similar to the net friend hard face with a piece of gold to Mr SiMaNa stick, but SiMaNa words and his words are mutually exclusive, not adhere to gold in his face and fell down, on Mr SiMaNa feet, pain SiMaNa Sir “CRRR – oww, oww”,See how stupid these “horse fans” have become. Isn’t this troubling Mr. Siman?His foot was smashed, no wonder he went to Hainan sea flower island for a long time is not to come back, his foot injury has not been raised!”Horse fan” love “national hero” right, there is no such love method, too ignorant still dead do not recognize!Sorrow!Part 03 “horse fans” are short-sighted, do not know right from wrong, confuses black and white, seems to have a brain problem, suspected of being “clip” a netizen wrote a poem:Spring breeze lifted ten thousand dance willow enchanting association day workers and farmers diligent sweat sprinkled capital carnival night sleepless suddenly smell the world of righteousness in hero when Sima Nan this net friend is talented, however, it seems that there is no brain, he put the association willow as the demon, the Sima Nan as a hero.Now let’s discuss it calmly:Monster lenovo Willow has paid tax 200 billion yuan, if Sima South tens of millions of fans, each to give him 80,000 meters of land, 1.2 million yuan, also let them each to pay 200 billion yuan of tax, as that, within a year our country will become the world’s first great power, we do not have to shout here to kill, are “capitalists”,A look up to meet an annual salary of 100 million multivariate “monster”, that is not not a good thing……You think again, in the twenty or thirty years ago through the share reform of the joint-stock enterprises, tens of thousands of businesses have failed because of money to flow, there is a national support, national procurement, if lenovo willow is the devil, then, that makes state-owned enterprises entrepreneurs to crop failures are heinous criminals, is the social moth!All must be arrested and sentenced to death or death with reprieve, so, the country needs to hurry up to build prisons, overcrowding, too many criminals…Lenovo willow did exist in management of patriotism is not enough, the problem of insufficient investment in science and technology, the share reform can not at all as state-owned assets loss, that is according to the national policy, lenovo willows issues should be addressed by the government and the law, if so, in the absence of government qualitative defacing and stigmatized, right?Besides, can Sima Nan live up to the responsibility of bringing the 200 billion yuan tax “monster” to the country?Sima Nan is a hero if he is a “monster” who can bring benefits to the country, otherwise, he is…A horse fan said: “The dog that was bought by a lot of money has run away. Is it here?”This “horse fan” scold me is the association willow heavy money bought dog, bold enough, it seems that he has not tasted the “god whip” of the bull!If there are more and more such loyal “dogs”, the society will be more civilized and progress. On the contrary, if there are more “foxes” and more ignorant people, the society will inevitably go backwards.I firmly uphold the decision of the Party and the government, and the dignity and authority of the law. I firmly believe that criminals should be dealt with through legal channels, rather than questioning one entrepreneur or another on the Internet based on hearsay or in disregard of historical facts.There are bound to be problems, unless something is not done, problems should be solved in a reasonable, legal and proper way.Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi has been repeatedly reviewed by the competent authorities, and no criminal facts have been found, more than 20 years have passed;In 2018 was the central party committee awarded hundred “reform pioneer”, so, skeptics questioned state-owned assets loss but not questioned the superior department in charge of inaction, and question we don’t have the level of the party central committee, this kind of person is suspected of party, doubt the government, is disloyalty to the performance of the party and the government, it is not people’s “faithful dog”,But harm the people and the country “money Wolf” ah!Lenovo willow buy “dog” at least should also buy sima Nan such network big coffee!What influence does a small blogger like me, with 15,000 followers, have?No matter how good my article is, how many people read it?Lenovo Yang Liu can do the PC business to the world’s first, they are not so stupid!Since he would not be foolish enough to pay me a high salary, then this “horse fan” must be foolish, such is horse fan ignorance!Such people do not know dogs, do not know right from wrong, horse fans have no discerning ability, do not reform them?Don’t you want to whip them with my magic whip?88-year-old Shepherd — Tumbler Saturday, February 5, 2022 (the fifth day of the first lunar month)