Spring Festival fire safety guide | family fire prevention

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How has the year been?No matter how the old year went, the New Year should be happyAll kinds of relatives and friends to buy buy buy planning or curtilage home “cloud tourism” have a prosperous New Year is the most important is peace word the family fire bring 1, household electrical appliances failure easily cause fire use the electrical appliances such as induction cooker, electric blanket, electric iron, to avoid wire damage caused by aging line, often carrying the fire.▲2, littering cigarette butts easily cause fire can not throw cigarette butts, match sticks in the waste paper basket or combustible debris, do not lie in bed or on the sofa to smoke.▲3, setting off fireworks easy to cause fire setting off fireworks, firecrackers to choose a safe place and master the correct discharge method, and after the discharge to timely check the site cleaning, eliminate fire risks.▲4, fire heating is easy to cause fire winter fire heating is prohibited with gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other flammable ignition, do not pile up combustible items around the stove, heating supplies do not use to bake clothes.▲5, gas leakage is easy to cause fire once found gas leakage, should immediately close the gas valve and stove switch, and open doors and Windows, do not touch the electrical switch and use open fire, remember not to call in the gas leakage place;▲6, private connection disorderly pull wire easy to cause fire not overload electricity, do not use too much electrical equipment on the socket, do not use copper, iron, aluminum wire instead of the fuse on the switch.▲7, blocking evacuation, fire channel affect the rescue clearing corridor and balcony debris, keep the evacuation channel unblocked, parking in the designated area, do not block, occupy the community fire truck channel.Review: Qian Zhongbiao, Director, Supervisor: Chen Taichang, Supervisor: Chen Yichuan, Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi, Recommended reading ↓↓↓