Xi ‘an Economic and Development Zone in 2021 high quality development highlights

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In 2021, in the face of complex internal and external environment and multiple risk challenge, by the open area to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth implementation of the central, provincial, municipal all policy decisions, continues to consolidate expand epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development achievements, for during the period of “difference” high quality development to create a good start.A, precise ShiCe outbreak of war, to seize the “double win” new crown since the outbreak, the open area to seriously implement the deployment of the central and provincial, municipal and epidemic prevention, adhere to the “outside the input, the rebound” total strategy and “dynamic reset” general policy, epidemic prevention and control command works in harmony “but ten group”, according to the developing situation of epidemic, phased, grasp key,All prevention and control measures will be earnestly implemented, and all efforts will be made to transfer, conduct screening, control and nucleic acid screening of people in close contact, check and control traffic checkpoints, control and control in communities, guarantee supplies for people, and resume work and production.With the focus on nucleic acid testing and community and community management and control, a working mechanism has been established to catch all areas, manage grids, and assign responsibility to individuals, with 82 grid points in 7 zones in place for prevention and control.Ten rounds of large-scale nucleic acid testing were organized, and more than 4.7 million people were sampled. The city took the lead in converting all areas into low-risk areas.In the face of the adverse impact of the epidemic, the economic and social development of the ECONOMIC and social development zone, to speed up the resumption of work and production, to ensure that key projects do not stop, key enterprises do not stop production, key work is not interrupted, to help enterprises solve difficult problems, the district has set up a total of 8 temporary party committees, 69 temporary party branches.We established 496 contact points for “collecting public information”, 255 contact points for “solving problems”, 104 contact points for “People call us”, and solved 2,845 problems concerning people’s livelihood. Within half a month, all the enterprises that guarantee people’s livelihood, such as supermarkets, restaurants, accommodation, logistics and pharmacies, have recovered their business, and all kinds of parks and squares have recovered their business.Key enterprises in pillar industries such as automobiles, new materials and energy, and electronic information have resumed work and production, and 90% of the “five top” enterprises in the region have resumed work. Economic and social order has been restored quickly and steadily, striving for the “double victory” of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.2021 will be the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. To celebrate the centennial of the Communist Party of China, the Economic development zone will hold a wide range of activities with distinct themes and various forms, creating a wave of activities to welcome the centennial.Throughout the year, activities such as “Learning party history and Understanding Thoughts”, “visiting the old sites of the Red Revolution”, “Four-level secretaries telling Party history” and “100 Party members reading Party history stories” were organized, and 17 directly affiliated Party committees and 414 primary-level Party branches were carefully guided to hold special organizing meetings for party history study and education, creating a good social atmosphere for party history study and education in the district.Held on August 3, the district of learning to carry out the important speech of the xi general secretary “July 1” mobilization meeting and two optimal one “commendation congress”, first to study and implement general secretary xi “July 1” important speech spirit to mobilize the deployment of 64 outstanding communist party member, 43 outstanding party workers, 43 advanced basic-level party organization to commend,To commend outstanding representatives of CPC members, Party affairs workers and primary-level Party organizations in all fields and on all fronts.After opening the district to fully implement the deployment requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the provincial Party Committee, in the whole district set off a “study party history, understand ideas, do practical things, open a new bureau” upsurge, with “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities as the starting point,We will focus on implementing the new development philosophy, consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation, ensuring basic livelihood needs, deepening the reform of government services to make them more convenient and benefit the people, and improving community-level governance capabilities.During the year, we completed more than 1,880 items of various activities of “Doing practical things for the People”, forming 55 long-term mechanisms. We effectively turned the results of party history study and education into an internal driving force for enterprises and the people to do practical things and solve difficult problems, bringing the Party and the people closer together, and giving the people a greater sense of gain and happiness.Three, two games is also wonderful, all the people sharing all the operation results in 2021 are “for all” in shaanxi province, September to October, by the open area to undertake ten SiYun basketball, volleyball U20 tournament ended, the special Olympics basketball wheelchair basketball and the blind, 95 teams from all over the country, with more than 240 excellent games, 10 gold MEDALS.The 14th Paralympic Games and the Special Olympics are the sports events with the highest standard and level and the strongest radiating and driving effect in Shaanxi Province. They are also the sports events celebrating the centenary of the founding of the CPC.As the specific organizer of the event, according to the competition organization requirements of “whole process, all elements and all aspects”, the zone has improved the work system of organization and guarantee and the operation of the event, effectively coordinated and arranged the work of security, medical and health care, transportation guarantee, and realized the seamless connection between the operation of the event and the operation of the city.Adhering to the combination of “seeking competition” and “seeking city”, the Economic development Zone comprehensively promoted the event preparation and urban construction, upgraded the City Sports Park gymnasium and Xi ‘an Middle School Gymnasium in an all-round way, and pushed forward a large number of livelihood projects centering on the 14th Games, realizing the organic unity of creating high-quality projects for the games and benefiting the people.We will give full play to the driving role of the grand games in promoting regional energy level and social and economic benefits, strive to build a healthy and civilized, intelligent and livable, thick and open inclusive urban area, so that the benefits of the inclusive urban area will benefit the people.On the afternoon of July 9th, “Focusing on Modern Industries to Build a Green Silk Road” — The Investment environment promotion meeting of “Gansu Upstream” of The Economic Development Zone was successfully held in Lanzhou.In this promotion meeting, the Zone signed 12 project cooperation agreements with key enterprises in industries such as headquarters economy, new materials and new energy, modern finance and big data in Gansu Province.Investment promotion and capital introduction is the “lifeline” development zone, by the open area always put the investment promotion and capital introduction as “number one project”, a solid practice of “thinking”, an investment bank, how to construct the “4 + 4 + 4” modern industrial system accurately, comprehensively implement in business investment, industrial investment, capital and technology investment, push the car, high-end equipment, new materials, new energy and other leading industries with high quality.Provided new signing of weihe river, the 5th special silk expo signing and investment environment seminar “(upward” five major investment promotion activities, such as the introduction of the production capacity of 10 GWH lithium-ion battery production project and so on a number of major projects, longji shares, car thing dhi, tianlong science and technology in a number of leading enterprises have also increased capacity, introduce the investment of nearly one hundred billion yuan, for the whole yearIt shows the steady trend of transformation and upgrading of advanced manufacturing industry and high-quality development of the region.On December 10th, the Economic development Zone held the signing ceremony of key projects and the awarding ceremony of the first Batch of Qin Chuangyuan Original New Center: “Building Qin Chuangyuan Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Zone and Writing a New Chapter of High-quality Development of Economic Development Zone”.”China Association for Science and Technology Haizhi Plan Work Base” was unveiled, and the first batch of 6 science and technology enterprises were awarded as Qinchuangyuan Innovation Center, marking that the ECONOMIC development zone has made greater strides in promoting high-quality economic development by deploying the innovation chain around the industrial chain and arranging the industrial chain around the innovation chain.It is also a practical measure that the economic development Zone, as the largest and technologically advanced manufacturing base in the province, vigorously promotes the construction of “Qin Chuangyuan”.As a demonstration area of advanced manufacturing, the Economic development Zone will build a demonstration area of integration development of Qinchuangyuan, advanced manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation with the construction of qinchuangyuan innovation-driven platform as the starting point.Actively participate in the qin and the original construction, into the city’s “altogether two belts” pattern, always lead across the open area, weihe river new town, yanliang “qin gen original advanced manufacturing ShiFanDai” construction, by the open area relying on advanced manufacturing industry advantage, reasonable allocation factor resources, fully stimulate endogenous power, the construction of independent controllable products research and development manufacturing base and national green manufacturing base,We will develop demonstration zones for the integrated development of advanced manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation, and guide and support a number of enterprises in making breakthroughs in core technologies and products that are “stuck in their own ways, making up for weak spots, and filling in gaps,” so as to comprehensively enhance regional capacity for scientific and technological innovation and promote high-quality development of the regional economy.In March, Xi ‘an Zhongbang Silk Road headquarters and wire and cable R & D and production project were officially put into operation, becoming the largest wire and cable R & D center in western China and the intelligent factory with the highest degree of automation and the largest capacity in China’s wire and cable industry.By the end of the year, it is expected that the annual industrial output and sales will reach more than 15 billion yuan, the annual tax paid will be more than 260 million yuan, and more than 1,000 new jobs will be created.The economic development Zone comprehensively deepens the concept of “seeing development with project construction as a hero”, adheres to the principle of leading and driving large projects, and constantly strengthens the service concept of “everything revolves around projects and everything revolves around projects”.There were 50 key projects listed in the municipal level, with a total investment of 151 billion yuan.There are 36 projects under construction with a total investment of 108.2 billion yuan, exceeding the annual investment plan.Ten projects such as Zhongbang Cable and Longji 3GW PV module have been partially completed.The main bodies of 8 projects, such as Shaanxi Heavy Truck and Huatian Huichuang Biological module, have been capped.Ten projects such as children’s Hospital and Honghui Hospital are under major construction.Seven projects, including Greenland Heart and Fosun Silk Road headquarters, are under foundation construction.A number of major projects, such as the North Railway Station hub project and the 14th Rail Project, were completed and put into operation, releasing new driving forces for development.In the whole province and the whole city’s key project observation activities, the development of the project in the open area has been praised.On June 30th, the North Passenger Station hub project (phase I) was officially opened to traffic.After the completion of the project, the “east-West double-ring viaduct + ground regulation channel” system will be constructed to realize the direct connection between the North passenger Station and the high-speed expressway system, improve the urban comprehensive traffic carrying capacity, which is of great significance to accelerate the construction of the national central city.By the open area, adhering to the “spirit”, the “kung fu” embroidered, in accordance with the standards of building urban lounge, comprehensively promoting the construction of major projects and urban greening beautification projects, such as ten SiYun will take the opportunity to meet, implement greening projects, 39, of new green land area of 397000 square meters, building new green 24 road 21.7 kilometers, the green square,Emphasis was placed on building Yingbin Avenue, demonstration road and greening nodes. On both sides of six main roads including Jianyuan Road, 12,000 meters of walls were demolished, more than 40,000 square meters of unauthorized construction were built, 230,000 cubic meters of garbage were removed, and 320,000 square meters of green space was made available along the road.In yuanshuo Road, Yuanfeng Second Road, the implementation of multi-level greening, shaping the tree array landscape;In the central city area, weiyang Road, Fengcheng Fifth Road, Fengcheng Eighth Road and other demonstration roads and important greening nodes such as Zhangjiapu Square and urban sports park, ecological garden landscape space with “flowers in three seasons, scenery in four seasons, rich levels and distinct seasons” is created to comprehensively improve the living environment of regional people.Starting from March 10, the development zone has fully realized the “land certification” of industrial land, closely integrated land supply and land use planning approval, and carried out document review and circulation in advance.In December, the business of “the whole city tongdo” in the economic development zone entered the 2.0 era, which avoided the business leaders from moving in and out of the place to rush back and forth, greatly improved the work efficiency, and further optimized the business environment and made it convenient for enterprises and people to apply for certificates.The ECONOMIC development Zone has always adhered to the concept of “enterprises make the region, and the region makes the enterprise”, striving to create a “four best” business environment with the fewest approval items, the lowest fee standard, the highest efficiency and the best service level.Smart government affairs in the city take the lead in establishing unattended 24 hours service station, take the lead in implementing “zong to accept the” window, take the lead to achieve the “the land is the CARDS”, make full use of the “do” free net phone, full open enterprise 2.0 mode, set up “the city office” to open “across the region for” window, successively with both 17 districts, development zones,A total of 1,067 government services were handled across regions in eight batches, and more than 6,000 cases were handled in total. The “joint operation of business licenses and licenses” was implemented, making it normal for enterprises to start their business within three hours.Xi ‘an Guanzhong Comprehensive Bonded Zone successfully passed the national acceptance, and realized the online processing and self-printing of “certificate of origin”.Six reform and innovation achievements, including inter-regional government services, the new “cloud cancellation” supervision mode of processing trade, and the new us dollar financing mode of international factoring, were included in the third batch of reform and innovation achievements list of Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone, ranking first in the total number of replication and promotion in shaanxi province.The ECONOMIC development Zone has always taken the improvement of people’s livelihood as its top priority and continuously intensified efforts to guarantee people’s livelihood.We will accelerate the development of strong education area, by the open area wade out of a road, the characteristics of balanced development of regional education quality approved by open five, the open seven small, by the open list, the four small and so on a total ten school, formally completed putting-in-service proactively, the new 141, degree of 6360 classes, two new city, 31 district-level “+” schools education consortium,To achieve district-level “famous schools +” project coverage.Increasing public health facilities, children’s hospital, general hospital and central hospital 3 3 armour hospital construction progress smoothly, built in 2022, is expected to increase 6500 beds, will ensure that the tertiary hospital beds, construction of regional medical center and other important indicators in the districts and counties in the city is in the first phalanx, development zones, and supplement the medical resources,We will comprehensively enhance citizens’ sense of gain, happiness and security.During the year, eight old residential areas were renovated, the completion rate of three urban reconstruction projects was 100%, the renovation of 11 back streets and alleys was successfully completed, and 14 (plus three) communications overhead lines and five electric overhead lines were completed on schedule.With a total investment of 1.05 billion yuan, the first theater project, New Century Theater (New Century Lecture Hall), has begun to take shape and will be completed and put into use in March 2023, further enriching the cultural life of the masses and realizing the construction goal of “having a place for leisure, a place for entertainment and a place for gatherings”.