150,000 tons of agricultural materials help spring farming

2022-05-11 0 By

On February 17, In Nanjiang village, Sanmen Town, Tianyuan District, long Zhengneng, a large grain farmer, stopped up the ridge gap to save the bubble field, and rushed to the village huimin comprehensive service agency, asking about the price of agricultural materials and placing orders.Spring farming production curtain opened, overgrown weeds in the field, and to re – “dressing up”.According to the statistics of the supply and Marketing Department, this year, the city’s 1,150 agricultural materials sales outlets, strengthened the distribution, transportation and storage of chemical fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, agricultural film and other major agricultural materials, has completed all kinds of chemical fertilizer agricultural materials (storage, sales) 153,000 tons, and strengthened the agricultural materials management service network quality supervision, help spring farming production.Since last year, petrochemical product price rises faster, the price of agricultural material, chemical fertilizer rises generally.”Pesticide prices are up 10 percent and fertilizer prices are up 30 percent.”An agricultural materials dealer in Longmen town, Lukou District, said that despite the price increase, farmers are still enthusiastic about purchasing, and the goods prepared at the end of last year have “insufficient balance”.City agriculture and rural bureau related person in charge of the introduction, currently agricultural departments are actively transferring spring ploughing materials, to ensure that farmers at home to secure agricultural products.