Biden to broken Bridge: Unbelievable!

2022-05-11 0 By

Foreign media: Joe biden arrived in Pittsburgh bridge collapsed, said the U.S. infrastructure backwardness situation “incredible”, according to Reuters, the us consumer news and business channel CNBC reported, (28) on Friday, the US President Joe biden is scheduled to visit Pennsylvania Pittsburgh bridge, but he arrived in the city for several hours ahead of schedule, and at the site of a bridge collapse in shock after the United States.Mr. Biden was scheduled to travel to Pittsburgh to talk about infrastructure, but hours before he arrived, a bridge in the city collapsed.Speaking at the event, Biden stressed the urgency of increasing investment in America’s crumbling infrastructure, adding that the country’s infrastructure lags behind “beyond belief,” Reuters said.At the scene of the accident, Biden “gazed at the bend of the bridge that had collapsed into a ravine,” Reuters said, flanked by local officials and workers as he surveyed the damage.”We’ve fallen so far behind in infrastructure over the years — it’s just mind-boggling,” Mr Biden told those around him.According to the Washington Times, the bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hours before President Joe Biden was scheduled to arrive on Thursday to talk infrastructure.CNBC described Biden’s visit as an impromptu arrangement.”Today we saw that when a bridge falls into disrepair, it can really put lives at risk,” Biden was quoted as saying during a speech at Carnegie Mellon University’s Plant 19, just a few miles from the site of the bridge collapse.”There are 3,300 Bridges in Pennsylvania that are as old and as decrepit as that one.””There are 45,000 Bridges in poor condition across the country,” Biden said in his speech.”It’s really not acceptable.”There were injuries, but no fatalities reported, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Feltman said earlier.Source: Huanqiu Process editor: TF060