From “fighting devils” to “fighting aliens”, cultural confidence is a long way to go

2022-05-11 0 By

In 2022, another Spring Festival where you can’t go anywhere, Uncle Monkey basically only did three things: the cat reading at home, jogging in Chaoyang Park, and watching the New Year festival at the cinema.After watching several films, I suddenly found that, no matter war films or comedies, historical themes or contemporary stories, big-budget films or small-budget ones, all the films in the Lunar New Year season can be summed up in two sentences: First, Chinese people stand up!Second, nobody stays down.”Watergate bridge”, “sniper” the literature concerned in recent years on the tide of the Korean play the devil to the climax, two hours of exciting battle scenes, give us into a strong psychological hint: the elder people so hard, dare to screwing with americans, we are stronger, more do not be afraid of people reached with the United States.”The Killer’s Not Cool,” “Miracle Dumb Kid” and “Lion Boy,” which hit New Year’s eve, are all about the little guy turning against the little guy.In the midst of laughter and tears, we all get a little comfort, a little thrill in our hearts: it’s not scary to be humble, it’s not scary to be unappreciated, bite your teeth when life is hard, next year could be a miracle, the next successful person could be you.There are social and economic reasons behind cultural phenomena such as what movies to watch during the Lunar New Year holiday, the popular themes of bestsellers and the popularity of online dramas.The game between China and the United States has become an important play on the world stage.The vegetable seller can feel that under the global epidemic, people all over the world, including China, are not living an easy life. Everyone is gnashing their teeth and persevering in the face of numerous difficulties, looking forward to the dawn.So our films and television programs help us draw strength from the history of those who came before us, and convince us that we can do what they did;Let us take comfort from the struggles of small people: they are so humble, so unfortunate, are trying, can succeed, I also want to try, also want to insist.It’s like two potions, one a stimulant to keep us going, the other a painkiller to heal our wounds.Both of these are Chinese medicine, not long ago, we were actually given a lot of medicine, and a lot of western medicine.Let’s take a look at how the United States prescribs cultural consumers around the world.The export of American culture is also closely related to the theme of international environment.During the Cold War, the theme was to fight the Soviet Union, catch Soviet agents, and reflect on the trauma of war.During the war on terror, the theme was fighting terrorism, and American soldiers took on global obligations.The Soviet Union collapsed, Bin Laden was also killed, the United States began to lead the world’s people to fight aliens, took up the “protect the earth” mission of the planet.A few years ago, our favorite transformers, Pacific Rim, are beyond the perspective of the country.Many of marvel’s IPS have period themes — Captain America has World War II themes and Iron Man has Cold War themes — but the ultimate “Avengers” transcends small Earth and the real BOSS is Thanos, who runs amok across the universe.Will our cultural products also go through a process from “beating foreigners” to “beating aliens”?Uncle Monkey believes that further strengthening and developing our cultural confidence will make it possible for us to look beyond the suffering of our nation and the game of great powers, and expand our focus from the “China problem” to the solution of the “earth problem”.In fact, the wandering Earth, a hit two years ago, foreshadowed this trend.In his opinion, in the post-epidemic era, It is likely that China’s cultural products will accelerate the pace of going global, and the core of our thinking to go global may be two themes.First, the wisdom and morality contained in traditional Chinese philosophy lead us to refocus on people’s inner cultivation, harmonious and win-win interpersonal relationship, coexistence between man and nature, green development and lifestyle, and help solve the “nature and man problem” for all mankind.Second, an increasingly confident China will promote openness and global integration, advance the progress of science and technology, expand the pace of exploration, and lead mankind to solve “planetary problems”.If Uncle Monkey’s guess will come true, today’s teenagers might as well pay more attention to two areas, one is traditional Chinese culture and Confucian philosophy, and the other is science fiction literature.Perhaps the next generation of Liu Cixin, Han Han, Ning Hao, Jia Zhangke, or even the world-renowned Asimov, J. K. Rowling, Spielberg, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, will be born from the current Chinese primary and middle school students.