Good shandong! No imported cherries!Shandong big cherry reverse cold market!

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In the cold winter months, cherries are arriving from the southern hemisphere, and many families have added them to their shopping lists.From 10kg 599 yuan to 299 yuan price range, many people to achieve the “cherry freedom” painstakingly collect around the wool, so the cherry and cherry exactly how different?Why are cherries so much more expensive than cherries?Cherries are Cherries: “Cherries” is a word that refers to Cherries.At present, there are mainly Chinese cherry and European sweet cherry in the market.Native to China, Chinese cherries are small with thin, juicy, umami skins and bright pink colors, but they are too delicate to transport.European sweet cherry is what we often say “cherry”, also known as big cherry, is a Chinese cherry belongs to different kinds of foreign brothers, a big meat, hard texture, convenient transportation.Therefore, “Chinese cherry” and “cherry” can be called cherry, but they are different kinds.In our daily name, cherry is the name of Chinese cherry, cherry or big cherry is the name of sweet cherry.If you break it down a little bit, cherries might be another name for imported sweet cherries, while domestic sweet cherries are usually called big cherries.So why are cherries so much more expensive than cherries?Liu Bing, assistant researcher at the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: “It could be the season, because cherries only mature once a year.In May and June, cherries grown in the northern hemisphere are ripe, and in the winter, we have to eat cherries grown in the southern hemisphere, which is out of season, which makes them more expensive, plus the cost of storage and transportation.”At present, most cherry producing areas in China, such as Shandong and Hebei, grow European sweet cherries.In other words, the big cherries you buy in the market are cherries.Now, domestic cherry is also increasingly competitive, market share increased year after year, there is the potential of rolling cherry.Among them, shandong province cherry yield, sowing area are the first, taste can be called “YYDS (eternal god)”.Yantai cherry output reached nearly 70% of the country, especially fushan big cherry, annual output more than 1/5 of the country, because of its beautiful appearance, excellent quality, unique flavor renowned at home and abroad, the big cherry industry has developed into fushan district characteristics leading industry, become the main source of farmers’ income.Qingdao Pingdu Yunshan Town is one of the major cherry producing areas in China, with the honorary title of “China’s big cherry town”.At present, the company has more than 30 high-quality varieties such as red light, yellow honey, Meizao, Xianfeng and Binrass, forming a 10 km long cherry corridor along national Highway 308, with an annual output of 35 million kilograms of high-quality large cherries.In addition, in order to make the fresh cherry delivered to all parts of the country, Shandong also provides online sales “special lines”, “flights” and other supporting services.From the branches to the tip of the tongue, powerful logistics make these attractive and fresh fruits have enough confidence to “go everywhere”.Today on the tree, tomorrow on the road, and the next day on the tip of your tongue!As a result of seasonal influence, domestic cherry can only “hibernate” in winter, Shandong fruit farmers actively study, explore new planting mode, let cherry reverse season mature, bring considerable economic benefits.In 2021, He Hongli, secretary of the Party Branch of Nanwang Village, Yunshan Town, Pingdu City, introduced the intelligent dormancy technology of cherries. By using temperature control technology to control the growth cycle of cherries, the maturation time of cherries is greatly advanced, and the planting method of “one red root” is adopted to produce more than twice the output of ordinary greenhouse.The big cherry planted with the new technology can be listed in the market before the year, although the wholesale price of 360 yuan/jin is expensive, but it is favored by consumers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which greatly improves the income level of cherry planting.Recently, big cherries in the greenhouses of Donglouzi Village, Xumeng Town, Wulian County, Rizhao, have begun to ripen one after another.It is understood that in 2021, the farm actively explore new planting mode, investment of more than 300,000 yuan, in one of the greenhouse on the new temperature control facilities, the use of shading, refrigeration and other temperature control technology, change the growing period of the cherry, so that the cherry maturity than the traditional cherry more than three months in advance, and taste and quality is not affected.The market price of such “Spring Festival season” big cherry is about 400 yuan per kilogram, which is several times higher than that of ordinary greenhouses compared with the traditional mode of planting. It is also very popular in the consumer market. At present, merchants in Qingdao, Weifang and other places have begun to order.(Dazhong website · Poster editor Ye Kai integrated CCTV website, Dazhong Daily client, Qingdao Evening News, live broadcast Rizhao, etc.)