Heavy snow tiancheng bad high-speed carriageway, Wuhan executive traffic police timely rescue warm heart

2022-05-11 0 By

At about 9:00 a.m. on January 28, a car with the license plate eA0TV ** broke down on the lane at the zhoupu interchange ramp of the ring Expressway.It was snowing in feathery flakes and there was a constant risk of an accident as cars roared past.Senior management brigade three squadron police Wu Bang, Fang Hao just patrol to the office.Found the alarm, Wu Bang, Fang Hao quickly get off the auxiliary police in the rear alert, put warning cone barrel.The pair then slowly pushed the car out of the carriageway to the safety of the emergency lane.It is understood that the driver Ms. Hu, Yang Luo, planning to drive alone to Jiangxi, the result of the high-speed vehicle breakdown, helpless in the car was anxious to cry, fortunately, the police arrived in time to help her solve the difficulties.Soon, the vehicle was out of trouble. When Ms. Hu left, she said to the police with emotion: I really don’t know what to do without meeting you. Thank you very much for your warm help today, which made us feel warm in the cold winter.