Shenzhou Rent-a-Car member rights online in February, to bring more benefits to all users

2022-05-11 0 By

At present, safe, private and comfortable self-driving travel has become people’s preferred way of travel.Shenzhou car rental as one of the important modes of transportation during the Spring Festival, in order to ensure that users can have more preferential travel after the Spring Festival, February travel benefits warm heart line.It is understood that Shenzhou Rent-a-Car membership welfare activities in February will cover the whole second half of the Spring Festival travel, so so far can still enjoy the February membership benefits, and the welfare content mainly contains two kinds: one is to rent 3 free 1 coupon, the other is 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan immediately reduced coupons.A variety of securities to meet the needs of members of the user.All users can exchange points for free in the Shenzhou Car Rental APP, and directly deduct when booking car rental travel, convenient and affordable.Since August 2021 a member of the new upgrade system, all users have the coupons, benefits, in addition, a member of the China auto rental users can also rely on their own level of different each month, enjoy the rights and interests of integral, the birthday discount, delay car, refueling services, to enjoy the service, such as individual rights, month have surprises, welfare.Although affordable membership benefits are important, safe travel is the soul. Shenzhou Car Rental has always been committed to providing convenient and safe travel services.Since last year, China Rent-a-Car has made continuous efforts in user experience, including opening 82 new cities, launching more than 26,000 new car fleets, launching new products featuring “free rent” scenarios, and lowering the threshold of user credit free, etc., aiming to become a high-quality travel choice serving more than 10 million users.In fact, the most important aspect of travel is safety, so the innovation of self-service self-service service has been loved by the public. This service basically covers nearly 110,000 of its own fleet size, and the strength protects the safety of users’ car rental.In addition, Shenzhou rent-a-car in stores, vehicles, personnel to implement strict elimination procedures, to ensure the safety of customers to make the best efforts.In addition, Shenzhou car Rental also provides door-to-door pickup, off-site pickup, road rescue services, 7×24 hours customer service hotline and other complete supporting services.Nowadays, people are more and more recognized for car rental, and there are many people who choose to rent a car to drive themselves. Up to now, the number of members of Shenzhou car rental service has exceeded ten million, and the size of the fleet has exceeded 110,000 vehicles.In the future, Shenzhou Car rental will continue to develop itself, to bring better car rental experience for the majority of users.