A man in Guangdong province organized a reunion party for his classmates, but only seven people showed up

2022-05-12 0 By

Some time ago, shenzhen in guangdong, a junior high school classmate party video let netizen in distress situation, video display, the new men’s thinking of organizing a junior high school classmate party, after all, we have long time no see, at first everybody is quite warm, just on the day of the party had 64 people turned seven gatherings, and the man to understand a bit depressed,It turned out that those who were not married came to the party, but those who were married could not come because of family matters. After learning the truth, everyone laughed.The scene in front of us is really very helpless, maybe after we get married, we think more about the family, and rarely in the holiday, we are more willing to stay at home, rather than have a classmate party outside. After all, we are already there, and we are more realistic.Netizens are abuzz about it:”Not married very happy indeed, except at the feast is urge marriage, or you really do not have what problem, feel special comfortable” “reunion of what I do not want to attend, may be I have a little sense of rejection in such party, students feel the friendship has changed, and more are some comparing, feel there is no need to” “the sense is too strong,Now can also take part in some party basically is not married, if married estimate all Eva brought up at home, “in my opinion, today’s 90 has many are still not marry and have children, and everybody also came into the age of three, the in the mind how much is a little anxiety, just looking at you will married friends, seems to be also thankful aren’t married,At least the pressure of life is not so big, some of the time is relatively free.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.