As truckers flooded Ottawa in protest, Trudeau and his family took refuge in a secret location

2022-05-12 0 By

Ottawa — Thousands of Canadian truck drivers marched through the capital Ottawa on Monday to protest measures including the authorization of COVID-19 vaccines.But Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hiding in a secret location.Reports say hundreds of large trucks rumbled all the way to the edge of Parliament Hill.Protesters say they are angry not only at the mandatory vaccination requirements for truck drivers, but also at the government in general.Their anger was directed at Trudeau.Trudeau and his family, who live about 4 kilometers from the protest site, have moved out of their home for safety reasons, the report said.The prime minister’s office said it could not say where Mr. Trudeau was going.Trudeau’s itinerary lists him only as being in the “capital area.”Earlier this week, Trudeau said the protesters involved represented “the views of a minority” who were “attacking the recommendations put forward by science, society, government and public health agencies.”Trudeau revealed that 90 percent of cross-border drivers and 77 percent of Canada’s population have now received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.A top security official in Canada’s parliament has advised lawmakers to lock their doors after reports that their private homes could be targeted by protesters, the Hill reported Tuesday, citing the Associated Press.Mr. Trudeau’s office has not commented on the protest.Editor: Shi Wei Responsible editor: Fan Jiale